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Coherent Optical DSPs

Transforming optical interconnect between AI cloud data centers and for metro, regional and long haul telecom networks.

400G Coherent DSPs for pluggable modules 

The Marvell coherent DSP portfolio, including Canopus™ and Deneb™ platforms, empower the optical module ecosystem with low-power, high-performance silicon for QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable form factors for AI cloud data center interconnect and 5G telecom and long-haul network transport.

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Highly integrated, Power efficient Coherent DSP Solutions

Marvell offers a portfolio of coherent DSPs that are critical enablers for efficient transmission over fiber optical networks. Marvell solutions are shipping into top major hyperscale and telecom networks worldwide, providing unmatched leadership in the design, test, and volume manufacturing of high-performance coherent DSPs.


The Canopus coherent DSP is the industry’s first merchant 7nm coherent DSP enabling 400G ZR/ZR+ pluggable optical modules used directly in switch and router platforms for high density IP over DWDM solutions. Targeted for data center interconnects (DCIs) as well as multi-rate long haul and metro networks, operator equipment based on the Canopus DSP offers the same port density on the coherent interfaces as client ports with capacities of up to 14.4 Tb/s per rack unit (RU). This eliminates the need for dedicated cloud transport boxes for DCI networks, and consequently, reduces the cost and power dissipation by more than 50%.

  • Industry’s first merchant 7nm 400G coherent DSP for ZR/ZR+
  • Enables QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable modules
  • Broad ecosystem of module suppliers
  • Multi-rate 400G / 200G/ 100G operation
  • Shipping production volumes


Industry’s first merchant 7nm 400G Coherent DSP for ZR/ZR+


The Deneb coherent DSP compliments the market-leading 400G Canopus coherent DSP utilizing the same 7nm high-performance and low-power architecture while adding support for newly formed ITU/OpenROADM and open ZR+ standards.  The Deneb coherent DSP also enables next-generation 5G access backhaul networks with multi-rate 100G support over the extended Industrial Temperature (I-temp) specification. Both Deneb and Canopus utilize the same BGA package dimensions providing flexibility to equipment designers addressing multiple end markets with quicker time-to-market.

  • Compliments the market-leading Canopus™ 7nm 400G coherent DSP for ZR/ZR+
  • Expands ecosystem to open standards compliant solutions for mutli-vendor DSP interoperability
  • Supports ITU/OpenROADM and open ZR+ standards
  • 5G access backhaul 100G networks with industrial temperature (I-temp)
  • Enables QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable modules
  • High-performance FEC and probabilistic shaping
  • Multi-rate 400G / 200G/ 100G operation-sampling

Ultra-low power, multi-mode, 400G coherent digital signal processor (DSP)

Software and Technical Documentation


INDM400 Test Firmware Binary Published May 8, 2021


INDM400 Test Firmware Binary Published April 12, 2021


Canopus Test Firmware Binary Published April 1, 2021

Application Note

INDx400 OHA Interface Application Note Published March 4, 2021


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