Enabling the software-defined vehicle

The Software-Defined Vehicle Era

“Smartphone on wheels” and “data center on wheels” are often used to describe the modern vehicle, as new technologies transform cars and the automotive industry itself. This transformation promises safer, greener cars and enhanced, upgradeable user experiences. Another way of describing such a car: the software-defined vehicle (SDV).

SDV is more than just a new technology platform—it enables a new automotive OEMs business model. With a software-centric architecture, carmakers can generate new revenue streams from aftermarket services and new applications. Meanwhile, car owners can receive over-the-air software updates—just like a smartphone—enhancing their car’s value, and continuously improving their driving experience.

As a leader in Automotive Ethernet, custom and accelerated compute, and storage, Marvell offers the technology breadth and experience to accelerate carmakers’ SDV objectives.

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Automotive Ethernet Congress 2024

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Visit Marvell to learn more about the latest developments in our high-bandwidth automotive Ethernet central switches, high-speed Ethernet backbones, and Ethernet camera bridges to support zonal architectures and end-to-end Ethernet networks.

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