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Marvell Introduces the First Integrated, Enterprise Featured, Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch, for the SOHO and SMB Markets

Sunnyvale, California (August 11, 2003) –

Marvell® (NASDAQ: MRVL), a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband communications and storage solutions, today announced the Link Street™ 88E6183 10-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) QoS switch, the industry's first highly integrated GbE switch with enterprise features for management of SMB and SOHO networks.  The Link Street™ 88E6183 achieves high integration of enterprise networking capabilities including network security, network management support and four-level QoS for converged voice/video/data networks and multimedia distribution over the network.

Latest analyst reports have indicated that GbE switches continue to be the strongest Ethernet switch growth segment, expected to reach $10 billion by 2007.  As the market grows the switches are becoming more sophisticated and are required to process enterprise networking capabilities such as QoS for VoIP and configurable network management.  The SOHO market is expecting a similar growth due to the increasing number of multiple-PC households that drive the demand for Internet services delivered to the home or apartment buildings. The newly introduced Link Street 88E6183 switch is targeted at this growing market, delivering consumers high bandwidth, feature-rich solution to access high-speed servers to exchange large files.

The 88E6183 leading integration includes Layer 2 security networking functions based on the MAC-based authentication protocol (IEEE 802.1X).   With this feature, customers will be able to implement both the Port-Based Access Control specified under the standard, as well as maintain specific-client MAC address authorization table for authenticating and authorizing only known clients to access the LAN.

Advanced QoS features supported include IPv4 and IPv6 QoS and QoS packet classification (802.1p) with four priority queues, which enable network traffic management for high-bandwidth applications such as VoIP and multimedia.  The device also supports broadcast storm protection and bandwidth rate limiting, allowing better network control among LAN clients given available network bandwidth.

The 88E6183 enable strong Simple Network Management Protocol support by an extensive list of RMON counters, which quantify network loading, performance characteristics and data integrity.

“The Marvell Link Street 88E6183 Gigabit Switch is the ultimate solution for the SMB and SOHO networking, providing advanced security capabilities for business LANs and wirespeed throughput for voice/video/data networking," stated Russell Yin, Senior Product Marketing Manager for SOHO and Remote Office Network Products.  "Our latest switch introductions deliver best-in-class security performance to protect business networks against security threats, while building on the Marvell four-queue Quality of Service switch and managed switch architectures."

Marvell Across the Network

The Link Street 88E6183 Managed GbE switch integrates a Layer 2 QoS switching fabric, on-chip memory for packet memory and MAC address storage and ten triple-speed SERDES ports, which connect gluelessly to Marvell Alaska® 10/100/1000Mbps triple-speed copper GbE PHYs, specifically the 88E1145 Quad GbE PHY and 88E1111 Single Channel GbE PHY.  This enables building a three-chip 8-port full wirespeed unmanaged GbE switch; or with the addition of a CPU, to build a four-chip 10-port full wirespeed managed GbE switch.  When connected to the Marvell Alaska family, the switch can implement Marvell Virtual Cable Tester™ (VCT) capability, which conducts cable diagnosis and test cable connections for network validation.

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