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Marvell Smart-Energy Platform Enables Smart-Energy Profile 2.0 Devices

Devices Powered by Marvell Wi-Fi platform & SEP 2.0 software will be demonstrated at the Wi-Fi® Smart Energy Forum

Santa Clara, California (August 3, 2011) – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced that the company will be demonstrating its Smart-Energy Platform, which has been extended to support the Smart-Energy Profile 2.0 (SEP 2) Draft Standard, at the Wi-Fi® Smart Energy Forum in Chicago, August 2-3, 2011. Marvell will participate in the SEP 2 demonstration with a commercially available Wi-Fi thermostat and a Smart Outlet – both built using the Marvell Platform. These demonstrations showcase a fully interoperable SEP 2.0 implementation on a single Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip (SoC) with consumer products already available in retail stores.

“Our demonstrations are proof of Marvell’s support for the SEP 2.0 standard as we will be showcasing the interoperability of multiple vendor platforms and software implementations,” said Manas Saksena, senior director of technology, Smart-Energy Platforms at Marvell Semiconductor. “Marvell is confident that the SEP 2.0 standard will enable a vibrant ecosystem of smart-energy appliances and services. We are eager to accelerate the SEP 2.0 standard’s deployment in the existing installed base of smart appliances based on the Marvell Smart-Energy Platform as well as through new installations.”

Marvell’s Smart-Energy Platform is designed to facilitate rapid enablement of SEP 2.0 device implementations that are fully interoperable with SEP 2.0 software from multiple vendors, including MMB Research and Grid2Home. The platform has been developed to fit in constrained memory devices to provide a cost-effective solution to consumers, and is already powering Internet connected devices, such as the Wi-Fi thermostat available at Home Depot. With the evolution and support of SEP 2.0, existing devices in the field based on the Marvell Smart-Energy Platform can seamlessly integrate with SEP 2.0 enabled smart home networks and services, such as Demand/Response, TOU pricing and other energy management services.

All products based on Marvell’s Smart-Energy technology are designed to be software upgraded over the air to provide enhancements and bug-fixes. With the ability to field-upgrade these devices remotely using the vendor’s Web service, customers can be assured that their devices are upgrade-ready and will fully support SEP 2.0 in the future.

“We see Marvell as one of the leaders in enabling Wi-Fi based smart-energy devices. In collaboration with Marvell, MMB Research has extended RapidSE, our industry-leading automated Smart Energy platform, to Wi-Fi. At MMB, we pride ourselves on working with leading vendors, such as Marvell, to create solutions that have enabled OEMs to rapidly integrate Smart Energy into their new and existing products,” said Daniel Moneta, CEO of MMB Research. “We look forward to demonstrating this teamwork at the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum, with our software running on the Marvell Smart Energy Wi-Fi platforms in both our ESI and in Radio Thermostat of America devices.”

“Through the collaboration between Marvell and Grid2Home, we provide a solution for OEMs looking to design and integrate new smart devices and services,” said Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Grid2Home. “We are pleased to successfully demonstrate our G2H-SE2 Software with Marvell’s Smart-Energy Wi-Fi Microcontroller reference platform at the Smart-Energy Forum and to bring Wi-Fi integrated offerings to our clients and ultimately consumers.”

“Marvell was the clear choice for us when seeking vendor collaboration for the development and implementation of our Wi-Fi thermostat,” said Tim Simon, CEO of Radio Thermostat of America. “The company is a technology pioneer, leading the Smart-Energy Profile 2.0 implementation. Customers are hungry for devices that are connected to smart-energy services, such as our Wi-Fi thermostats. With Marvell, we’re assured that any future modifications to Wi-Fi smart-energy standards will be addressed by Marvell and its platform.”

“We congratulate Marvell Semiconductor Inc. on their participation in the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum SEP 2 Demonstration event,” said Wi-Fi Alliance technical director Greg Ennis. “As Wi-Fi continues its momentum in smart energy applications, this demonstration, including Marvell’s Smart-Energy Platform enabled Wi-Fi thermostat and Smart Outlet products, is a testament to the industry’s readiness for commercial deployment and the technology’s suitability for a wide range of smart energy implementations.”

The Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum, underway this week at the Hyatt Regency Chicago O'Hare and hosted by the Wi-Fi Alliance®, included the first large-scale interoperable demonstration of Wi-Fi SEP 2.0 implementations. More than 100 people from 65 organizations are in attendance, broadly representing the entire ecosystem, from silicon, to software, to utilities and government officials.

The Marvell Smart-Energy Platform is currently available. To learn more, click here.

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