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New Marvell Integrated Secure-Switch-Router (ISSR) Architecture Boosts Multi-Functional Capabilities for the Converged Digital Office

Redefining convergence and integration, SoC offers secure multi-service, voice enabled, and centrally managed network devices

Santa Clara, California (May 19, 2009) – arvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), a leader in storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions, today announced the Marvell® Integrated Secure-Switch-Router (ISSR). The ISSR architecture features a single chip SoC platform that integrates Marvell's Sheeva™ gigahertz class processor, VoIP, security processing, and full wire-speed multi-layer Ethernet switching to provide an optimal, consolidated office-in-a-box solution. The ISSR is intended to address the requirements of small and medium businesses (SMB), enterprise branch offices, internet cafes, and facilities dedicated to education.

"Traditional networks typically combine four to six network devices such as gateway routers, access points, Ethernet switches, firewall/VPN, print servers, and IP-PBXs," said Michael Zimmerman, Senior Director Marketing for Ethernet Access in the Enterprise Business Unit, Consumer and Communications Business Group at Marvell Semiconductor. "Our new offering enables consolidation of the digital office network into a single network element. The Marvell ISSR offers multi-functional capabilities and convergence of routers, switches, security, VoIP, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and WiFi management in one system, driving lower operating expenses and power consumption."

With value-added applications from companies such as BroadWeb, Microsemi Corporation, Napera Networks, and TeamF1, Inc., the ISSR platform fulfills the requirements of SMB, enterprise branch offices, and public structures by offering open application program interfaces (API) to third-party software providers.

Focused on intrusion prevention features to protect the network from external threats, Marvell's collaboration with BroadWeb, a leading provider in the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) network security market, takes ISSR to the next level of SMB and small and medium enterprise (SME) security devices. "Having almost a thousand different applications in the BroadWeb® application signature suite, the ISSR equips customers with exceptional application layer protection including application classification, peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic control, worm/virus protection, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, and hacker prevention," said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of BroadWeb. "All this, without impacting the overall switch performance, thereby providing a comprehensive secure solution for SMB and SME customers."

"Porting the PoE management software to run on the Marvell ISSR was one of the most successful projects undertaken by Microsemi," said Daniel Feldman, Director of Marketing at Microsemi Corporation. "The ISSR integration and compute power provides the right amount of bandwidth and dedicated interfaces to allow our customers to increase PoE performance while reducing the overall PoE system bill of materials by 15 percent."

"TeamF1 is pleased to have cooperated with Marvell to have our Secure Gateway Solution software productized for the Marvell ISSR and Sheeva™ processor family," said Mukesh Lulla, President and CEO of TeamF1, Inc. "This cooperation with Marvell accelerates bringing to the SMB market more innovative, comprehensive, and user-friendly security solutions."

"Napera Networks collaborated with Marvell to offer the industry an innovative multi-service security solution for SMB and SME customers," said Todd Hooper, CEO and founder of Napera Networks. "The combination of the Marvell ISSR platform with Napera's online security service enables IT managers to easily keep all computers up-to-date, making their networks secure, productive, and cost effective. We believe that ISSR products with the Napera service will be the customers' first choice for new product designs shipping in the second half of this year."

The ISSR is currently being sampled by early customers. For more information on pricing, the Marvell ISSR and other switching solutions, please contact a Marvell sales representative or visit

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