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New T&W Adapters Benefit from Marvell Powerline Technology

Groundbreaking chipset ushers in new era of multimedia performance for today's connected home

Taipei – Computex (June 4, 2012) – Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) today announced its ITU-T transceiver chipset will power T&W’s new Powerline Adapter, offering a high level of performance and flexibility that greatly accelerates today’s connected lifestyle. Marvell and T&W are showcasing the modem in Room 101C at Computex 2012, taking place June 5-9 at the Taipei International Convention Center.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Marvell as we roll out our newest generation of Powerline adapters targeted squarely at the digital home,” said Roger Jiang, General Manager of Application Product Business Unit of T&W. “By integrating Marvell’s innovative chipset into our new Powerline Adapter, we are taking our product line to the next level and raising the bar for our entire industry. Our collaboration with Marvell is ensuring the highest level of performance in the connected home. What’s more, it is helping us provide the very best solutions for bandwidth-intensive and real-time applications, including HD IPTV, VoIP, gaming, multi-room DVR, and more.”

As one of the leaders in connected home and home networking technology, Marvell has picked up considerable momentum with its chipset after the technology’s debut in September 2011. The solution won a Best Electronic Design Award in December 2011 and a Connected Home Award in April 2012. Demonstrations at CES and the Asia Plugfest in 2012 generated even more interest around Marvell’s Powerline roadmap and potential deployments.

For the Powerline Adapter, T&W has implemented Marvell’s entire GE-DW360F Powerline reference design, which includes a MAC/PHY transceiver; the Marvell 88E1510 Gigabit PHY; the 88LX3142 digital baseband processor; the 88LX2718 analog front end; full ITU-T protocol stack; and a powerful software API. Targeted for bandwidth-intensive, multi-media streaming applications, the GE-DW360F delivers performance of up to 1Gbps PHY rate – currently the fastest available in the industry.

Marvell’s chipset offers a range of other benefits as well. For example, ITU-T compliance offers a multi-source ecosystem; reduced cost, complexity and time to market; and the advantage of global support across countries, regulators and vendors. It also offers complete unification of the home wireline network, including Powerline, Coax and Phoneline, to distribute more content to more screens in more rooms in the home. In all, Marvell’s Powerline reference design is the ideal solution for data-rich, real-time applications such as HD IPTV, VoIP, gaming, multi-room DVR and beyond.

At a glance, the T&W Powerline Adapter offers:

  • Support for all baseband bandplans (25-, 50- and 100 MHz)
  • Coexistence with other technologies (UPA, IEEE1901)
  • State-of-the-Art LDPC forward error correction (FEC)
  • Remote configuration management integrated on-chip
  • Remote one-step firmware upgrade
  • Log file record of the modem performance
  • Enables broad customization of features
  • Multiple Input/Multiple Output technique based on G.9963 to boost PLC throughput
  • Optimized and robust performance in high density MDUs (NDIM)
  • Secure operation (end-to-end encryption)
  • Easy installation and configuration

“Marvell is thrilled that T&W has selected our chipset to drive it new line of Powerline adapters. The home networking industry is coalescing around the standard, and by embracing the technology, T&W is sending a message that the connected home is about to become more powerful and performance-oriented than ever,” said Dr. Gani Jusuf, vice president of product development for Marvell’s Communications and Consumer Business Group. “T&W’s new Powerline Adapter will enable consumers to take advantage of groundbreaking multimedia capabilities in the home like never before. What’s more, Marvell’s new Powerline reference design is the perfect ambassador for our larger umbrella of offerings that support the entire connected lifestyle.”

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