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Weili Dai Featured in The Peak Magazine

Santa Clara, California (October 23, 2009) – Weili Dai, The Peak MagazineWeili Dai, who co-founded Nasdaq-listed semiconductor company, Marvell Technology, is a self-confessed geek who also appeared on the Forbes rich list. The company's chips appear in electronic devices ranging from the Blackberry to the Xbox. Here the Co-Founder and Vice-President and General Manager of Marvell's Consumer and Computing Business U nit, talks about thinking big.

"This year, everyone decided they weren't going to spend, weren't going to travel, and I said, 'Uh-huh, we are going to do things a little different.' I've been leading a team to focus on our consumer products that leverages off technology we already developed to create more products at an affordable price. We have put in a lot of focus over the last half-year and people will see wonderful products coming out that will serve the market very well. My employees work very hard and we accomplish, they have pride in what they do."

"It is just not in my nature to fail. I was the little sister with two older brothers. I was always asking myself, 'Can I do better than my brothers?' Since I was little, I played basketball - I was a basketball star. I got into a prestigious school in Shanghai, then I came to the US, Berkeley – all of this. You need that passion and commitment and determination. If success isn't happening you need to work harder – sharpen the pencil and figure out a better recipe. It's like when I travel to Japan and take the bullet train. It takes a while picking the right direction, but once you are on, you're on – you can't jump off!"

Text Elle Kwan
Photo Jimmy Luk