Episode 21

The Evolution of Cloud Storage and Memory

Jon Haswell, Senior Vice President, Firmware and Gary Kotzur, CTO, Storage Products Group join the Marvell Essential Technology Podcast to discuss the evolution of cloud storage and memory. As demands for workloads scale public and hybrid cloud environments face tremendous pressure to provide optimal performance while remaining cost-competitive. Designing the highest performing cloud storage and memory infrastructure for all workloads remains an expensive proposition at cloud scale, leading to underutilized resources. Optimizing NVMe and CXL-based silicon solutions from both a hardware and firmware perspective provides the key to success in driving the foundation for most of the scalable data center infrastructure. Learn more about some of the critical attributes of cloud storage, how the Compute Express Link (CXL) transformation is evolving, and the evolution of the cloud.

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Jon Haswell, Senior Vice President, Firmware and Gary Kotzur, CTO, Storage Products Group



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