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Data centers—from cloud to edge—are the foundation of the digital economy. Whether the need is to support traditional or new, AI-centric architectures, Marvell data center switches deliver the requisite bandwidth, latency, and scale, with advanced packet processing and analytics to address the most demanding use cases. Marvell switches are optimized for use with Marvell PHYs and optics to yield end-to-end validated data center networking solutions.

Cloud Data Center Switching: Teralynx®

The Teralynx® family of products is ideally suited for cloud data center and AI fabrics. These switch chips have been architected from the ground-up to enable the most optimized Ethernet switch solutions for large scale data centers. Teralynx solves key operator challenges in scaling data center networks, removing network bottlenecks, lowering power- and cost-per-bit, future-proofing network infrastructure and providing a robust network that is easy to monitor and troubleshoot. Teralynx switch silicon is proven and deployed at scale in the largest cloud data centers, with millions of ports shipped.

  • Lowest latency programmable switch architecture eliminates network bottlenecks
  • High radix reduces cost and complexity by collapsing network tiers 
  • Teralynx® Flashlight™ telemetry and analytics simplifies operation
  • Programmable forwarding pipeline protects investment

Teralynx 10

Teralynx 10 is ideal for next-generation cloud data center and AI fabrics. Product configurations range from 25.6 Tbps to 51.2 Tbps.

Teralynx 7

Teralynx 7 is ideal for cloud data center and AI fabrics. Product configurations range from 6.4 Tbps to 12.8 Tbps.

Enterprise & Edge Data Center Switching: Prestera®

The Prestera 8K family of switch products are defined with advanced features and scale to serve the border data center market addressing use cases ranging from the Enterprise Core, Telco Edge and Data Center Interconnect. Built on the key technology pillars of Telemetry, Intelligence, Performance and Security or TIPS these devices integrate the latest emerging standards and switch pipeline advancements. The Flexible architecture approach enables the devices to serve the fixed and modular segments.

  • 10th generation Prestera switch pipeline
  • Modular system support with scaling to 1K’s of ports
  • Completely shared packet buffer with fine granularity
  • Programmability to enable support for the latest emerging standards
  • Support for industry standard SDK options from MSA to SAI




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I/O Bandwidth


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