Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Marvell is committed to being a responsible citizen in each country in which we conduct our business

Business Ethics and Governance

We conduct our business in an open, honest, and ethical manner by prohibiting corrupt activities, practicing fair competition, and complying with applicable laws and regulations. Learn more about Marvell’s approach to Ethics.


We are committed to environmental protection and recognize that resource conservation, preventing or reducing pollution, and developing energy efficient products are key to a sustainable environment. We work to effectively integrate these concepts into our day-to-day activities.  Learn more about our work on Climate Change and Water, as well as our broader Environment, Health & Safety efforts

Human Rights & Labor

Marvell is committed to honoring human and labor rights. Learn more about Marvell’s approach to Human Rights & Labor.

Community Engagement

Marvell aims to contribute to community outreach programs to help enhance the quality of life in our communities by supporting innovative programs in education, technology and social services. Learn more about our Community Engagement efforts.

Our People

Marvell seeks to attract, retain and develop the highest quality talent. To support these objectives, Marvell’s human resources programs, which include talent acquisition, total rewards, and learning & development, are designed to acquire talent and facilitate internal talent mobility to create a high-performing, diverse workforce. Our programs reward and support employees through competitive pay, benefit, and perquisite programs, as well as enhance the Company’s culture through efforts aimed at making the workplace more engaging and inclusive and developing talent to prepare them for critical roles and leadership positions for the future. Learn more about Marvell’s approach to Health, Safety & Wellness and Inclusion and Diversity 

Supplier Responsibility 

We work to ensure our suppliers uphold high standards across a range of ESG issues, in alignment with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. Learn more about our approach to Supplier Responsibility.  

ESG Governance

The  Board of Directors’ Nominating & Governance Committee has oversight of ESG and receives quarterly updates on Marvell’s ESG performance. Marvell runs an executive-level ESG Committee to provide senior leadership and strategic guidance on ESG, as well as ESG Working Groups who are responsible for gathering data, setting strategy and goals, and supporting disclosure efforts on material ESG topics.