Inclusion and Diversity

Graph showing Marvell's overall global gender data as of December 2020. Data is displated as a bar graph showing ratio of percentages of women to men in job roles throughout Marvell..

Board Members: 22.2% women, 77.8% men.
C-Suite: 11.1% women, 88.9% men.
All Management: 15.9% women, 83.9% men.
Technical 17.8% women, 81.5% men.
Non-Technical: 42.7% women, 57.1% men.
Individual Contributors: 24.3% women, 74.9% men.
All Employees: 22.5% women, 76.9% men.

Data as of December 1st, 2020.
In some cases, values may not total 100%.
Board Members: Includes formally appointed global Directors of the Board.
C-Suite: Includes regular global employees at the EVP Level who report directly to the CEO.
All Management: Includes regular employees at all management levels across Marvell globally.
Technical, Non-Technical, Individual Contributors & All Employees: Includes all regular employees across Marvell globally.