Revolutionizing Storage for the Data Economy

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Visit Marvell at FMS 2019

We invite you to come see our latest innovations designed to revolutionize storage and networking architectures for the emerging highly distributed data era. Marvell will be demonstrating its comprehensive portfolio of products – from edge client devices to high-performance cloud computing data center technologies — that include:

  • NVMe-oF Storage Disaggregation Solutions
  • Cloud & Enterprise NVMe-oF & NVMe SSD Controllers
  • Edge & Client Storage Innovations
  • Server Connectivity for NVMe-oF TCP, RDMA and FC-NVMe 

Marvell will also participate in the following keynote presentation and tracks:

Keynote Presentation
Innovative Chipset Solutions for Accelerating the Data Economy
Nigel Alvares, Vice President of Marketing for the Flash Business Unit at Marvell
Wednesday, August 7, 2:10 PM

As billions of devices come online and begin generating zettabytes of data, new architectures leveraging emerging technologies are essential to handle the onslaught. Chipset innovations play a critical enabling role, powering high-performance edge and local processors, ultra-high-speed Ethernet devices and switches, low-power controller and device solutions, and new 5G wireless systems. New architectures are needed to enable local and distributed processing at all levels. They must bring new levels of scalability that are easy to achieve, integrate machine learning, and provide throughput sufficient for the demands of real-time analysis and high-performance computing. To meet these requirements, it is crucial that chipset architectures are optimized for power consumption and cost while also supporting low latency. Collectively, these requisites result in a tall order, but one that chip makers are addressing with innovations that will accelerate the growing data economy.

AUTO-102A-1: Autonomous Vehicles - The Storage Challenges of Edge Computing
Network Drives Are the Next (R)evolution of Automotive Storage
Noam Mizrahi, VP Technology, CTO Office, Marvell
Tuesday, August 6, 3:40-6:00 PM

NVME-202B-1: Leveraging NVMe-oF for Existing and New Applications (Session Sponsor: NVM Express)
Nishant Lodha, Product Marketing Manager, Marvell
Wednesday, August 7, 4:35-5:40 PM

AI, ML and Storage (sponsored by, IEEE SCV-CIS and CS)
Understanding Data at Storage Edge: An AI / ML Perspective
Dr. Ned Varnica, Director, Marvell
Wednesday, August 7, 7:00-9:00 PM

COMP-301A-1: Computational Storage: Controllers & Technology/Deploying Solutions 
Using Native NVMe-oF SSDs to Advance Computational Storage
Shahar Noy, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Marvell
Thursday, August 8, 8:30-10:50 AM

NVMF-302B-1: Ethernet Attached SSDs are Happening?
Native NVMe-oF SSD
Khurram Malik, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Marvell
Thursday, August 8, 3:40-5:00 PM