Marvell Trademarks

Marvell Trademarks

Trademark List

The following are Marvell trademarks, registered or otherwise, in the United States and certain other countries. Not all Marvell trademarks have been listed here. This list is non-exhaustive. The absence of any trademark from this list does not necessarily mean that it is not a Marvell trademark.

Registered Trademarks

  • Alaska
  • Armada or ARMADA
  • Avanta
  • Avastar
  • CarrierSpan
  • HyperDuo
  • Kinoma
  • Link Street
  • LinkCrypt
  • M logo
  • Marvell
  • Marvell Smart
  • Moving Forward Faster
  • PISC
  • Prestera
  • Qdeo
  • Qdeo logo
  • QuietVideo
  • The World As You See It
  • Virtual Cable Tester
  • Vmeta
  • Xelerated
  • Yukon
  • ZX

Other Trademarks

  • FLC
  • Armadaboard
  • DS2
  • DS2 Logo
  • DSP Switcher
  • Soleil
  • SmartMe
  • Widespeed by Design
  • Marvell VSOC
  • Discovery
  • EZ-Connect
  • MoChi

Request To Use the Marvell Corporate Logo/Trademark(s)

Marvell may, on a case-by-case basis, permit use of the Marvell corporate logo and/or its trademark(s) to indicate that we are participating in certain groups, organizations, or events. If you wish to request use of the Marvell corporate logo and/or its trademark(s), please locate a contact here.