FastLinQ 1000 Series Converged Network Adapters

10GbE converged network adapter for enterprise class, reliable LAN connectivity

FastLinQ 1000 Series Converged Network Adapter

The FastLinQ® BR-1020 dual-port Converged Network Adapter (CNA) integrates 10Gbps Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) functionality with Fibre Channel technology.  This enables transport over a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connection through the new Data Center Bridging (DCB) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols, providing best-in-class LAN connectivity and I/O consolidation to help reduce cost and complexity in next-generation data center environments.

Key Features

  • Fully featured 10 GbE NICs that deliver 10Gbps line rate performance per port
  • Provides high-performance line-rate 10Gbps Ethernet for enterprise-class, reliable LAN connectivity
  • Supports DCB for low-latency, lossless, and deterministic 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity and storage over Ethernet applications (FCoE and iSCSI)
  • Delivers advanced Ethernet performance, including IPv4 and IPv6 checksum offload, RSS, HDS, jumbo frame support, and TSO
  • Provides scalable connectivity features across a secure, multiprotocol, lossless environment
  • Enables a single storage driver for both QLogic BR-Series Converged Network Adapters and Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters
  • Improved TCO through I/O Consolidation
  • Supports the following standards: data center bridging (DCB), priority-based flow control (PFC), enhanced transmission selection (ETS), congestion notification (CN), and Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX)
  • Provides unprecedented levels of visibility into the virtual server infrastructure, enabling network administrators to more efficiently manage their storage network resources
  • The 1000 Series adapter integrates with Brocade® Network Advisor to help simplify SAN and LAN management.
  • Fully featured 10 GbE NICs that deliver 10Gbps line rate performance per port
  • Stateless networking offloads such as TCP checksum and segmentation offloads for improved performance and more efficient CPU usage
  • Full hardware-based FCoE offload to provide superior performance for storage applications
  • Supports N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) with up to 255 virtual ports, and is qualified with all major hypervisor solutions in the industry.
  • Virtual Machine Optimized Ports (VMOPs) offload the hypervisor of essential virtual switching tasks, such as incoming packet classification and sorting tasks, helping to reduce latency and improve throughput while freeing CPU cycles that can be used to further scale an organization's virtualization environment.

Product Comparison Chart

Part Number Description Documentation
BR-1020-0010 x8, 2, 10Gbps, No Optic Product Brief
BR-1020-1010 x8, 1, 10Gbps, No Optic Product Brief