StorFusion Technology

Smarter SAN Management

StorFusion Technology

The Marvell® QLogic® 2770 Enhanced 32GFC (Fibre Channel) and 2740 & 2760 Series of 32GFC Adapters, along with the 2600 Series of Gen 5 and Enhanced Gen 5 / 16GFC Adapters feature StorFusion™ technology for advanced SAN fabric management and performance, designed to improve network resiliency, enhance diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, quicken SAN deployment, and improve quality of service (QoS). New features were developed in conjunction with Brocade® to maximize the industry's leading Gen 6 (32GFC) and Gen 5 (16GFC) SAN fabric and are integrated with QLogic management tools, including QConvergeConsole® (QCC), VMware® vCenter Server plug-in, and integration with Brocade Fabric OS and Fabric Vision.

Key Features

  • Brocade ClearLink Diagnostic Port (D_Port) – Quickly run automated diagnostic tests in a single step, across multiple QLogic 2700 and 2600 Series Adapters, servers, and fabric components to identify and resolve optics and cable problems.
  • Read Diagnostic Parameters (RDP)* – Identify the source of network and media errors like cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and loss of sync (LOS) by remotely accessing diagnostic information from anywhere in the fabric.
  • Link Cable Beacon (LCB)* – LED beaconing for ports on both ends of a physical link simplifies cable identification and management.
  • Fabric-assigned Port Worldwide Name (FA-WWN) and Fabric-based Boot LUN Discovery (F-BLD) – QLogic adapters can now acquire port WWN addresses from a pre-configured Brocade fabric thus reducing fabric reconfiguration when adding or replacing servers.
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)* – FEC improves performance and link integrity to support higher end-to-end data rates by automatically recovering from transmission errors. It is automatically used in Gen 6 FC as required by the FC Specification and is optional, but available, in QLogic Enhanced Gen 5 FC Adapters.
  • Automatic Buffer-to-buffer Credit Recovery (BB-CR)* – Improves performance and resiliency by automatically recovering from loss of buffer credits, which can occur on long distance and lossy connections with the potential to stall I/O or degrade performance.
  • Class-specific Control (CS_CTL)-based QoS – Extending QoS from the fabric to the host helps alleviate network congestion using industry-standard CS_CTL technology, enabling users to rapidly scale their virtual environments and increase optimization and efficiency without compromising service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Enhanced Fabric Device Management Interface (FDMI), Fibre Channel Ping (FC Ping) and Fibre Channel Traceroute (FC Traceroute) – Quickly check connectivity to SAN devices and query the switch management server for in-depth details on connected devices.

*Only available on the QLogic 2700 Series of Enhanced 32GFC & 32GFC Adapters and the 2690 Series of Enhanced Gen 5 FC Adapters.


  • Maximizes uptime and performance with the new end-to-end suite of diagnostic tools, allowing organizations to address problems before they impact operations.
  • Improves network resiliency, performance, and link integrity with FEC to support higher end-to-end data rates by automatically recovering from transmission errors.
  • Accelerates and streamlines SAN deployment by pre-provisioning and validating IT infrastructure to accelerate deployment and simplify support.
  • Rapidly scales server virtualization without compromising SLAs by extending QoS from the fabric to the host.