Marvell QLogic 2770 Series Fibre Channel Adapters

Enhanced 32GFC (Fibre Channel) adapters with single, dual and quad port configurations giving top line performance for FC and FC-NVMe along with efficient CPU offloading capabilities

Marvell QLogic 2770 Series Fibre Channel Adapters

The Marvell® QLogic® 2770 Series of Enhanced 32GFC (Fibre Channel) adapters encompass a wide portfolio of single, dual, and quad-port adapters. Designed from the ground up to leverage improvement benefits of nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) based enterprise class storage for customers to operate faster while also improving workload demands for lower latency. QLogic Enhanced 32GFC technology with over 16 years of experience and market leadership offers the industry’s best 32GFC adapter, delivering advanced performance with up to 4 million IOPS (1M per port) and up to 25,600MBps of full bandwidth throughput. The 2770 Series adapters now includes Secure Firmware Download to extend the Root of Trust onto the adapter and improves security of the overall storage area network (SAN).  The ability to support both FC-NVMe and FCP-SCSI traffic across the same physical port helps customers to migrate from prior storage medium to all-flash arrays (AFAs) with NVMe on their own timeframe.  Including a wide range of capabilities from QLogic StorFusion™ technology to assist with easing server deployment within the most challenging virtualized private and/or cloud infrastructures.  This technology includes seamless integration between the 2770 Series adapters to the major FC switch vendors for diagnostics features RDP & LCB and pre-provisioning services with FA-WWN & F-BLD.  This series of products continues with all the benefits and features such as built-in forward error correction (FEC), low power & better storage protocol offloading thereby saving CPU cycles for other crucial demands, plus with port-level isolation architecture gives scalable and highly deterministic performance across each port or when all ports are fully utilized.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class 32GFC line rate performance to maximize the efficiencies of the SAN and with the latest multiprocessor and multicore servers
  • Delivering up to 25,600MBps of aggregate throughput across 4 ports of Enhanced 32GFC ports
  • Up to 4 million IOPS, helps to drive higher performance from AFAs and improves transactional database operations for faster and better business decision-making
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) increases with QLogic StorFusion™ technology, by easing troubleshooting with end-to-end diagnostics, rapid deployment of new or expanding operations, and with QoS to help manage data & traffic to proper levels
  • Complete FEC capabilities (enabled by default) which improves both resiliency and reliability of the SAN
  • Secure Firmware Download provides a hardware Root of Trust protection to mitigate intents to maliciously control the adapter
  • Architectural port isolation design enables independent resources for every port to perform optimally without interfering each other
  • N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) allows creation of multiple virtual ports from a single FC port, thereby allowing for higher and denser virtual deployments
  • CPU saving capabilities by offloading FC protocol and thereby delivering maximum performance
  • Concurrent FC-NVMe and FCP capabilities on the same port, permits usage to a wide variety of enterprise class storage system


Product Briefs/Data Sheets
QLogic 2770 Series
Enhanced 32GFC (Fibre Channel) Adapters
Technology Briefs
Securing Fibre Channel with Silicon Root of Trust
Cryptographically Secured Firmware on QLogic FC HBAs Ensures SAN Integrity

Product Comparison Table

Part Number Description Documentation
QLE2770-SR-SP PCIe 4.0, x8, Single / 1-port, 32GFC, SR-Optic, SFP+, Low Profile Datasheet
QLE2772-SR-SP PCIe 4.0, x8, Dual / 2-ports, 32GFC, SR-Optic, SFP+, Low Profile Datasheet
QLE2774-SR-SP PCIe 4.0, x16, Quad / 4-ports, 32GFC, SR-Optic, SFP+, Standard Height Datasheet