FastLinQ 45000 Series Converged Network Adapters

40GbE converged network adapter optimized for use across enterprises, service providers and cloud deployments

Product Briefs
45000 Series
40GbE Converged Network Adapters.


White Papers

NVMe-oF delivers the ultimate in choice and flexibility by enabling concurrent support for RoCE and iWARP universal RDMA, along with acceleration of workloads without burdening server CPU with FastLinQ NVMe-Direct technology.


Technology Briefs
Establishing Adaptive Links with SmartAN Technology
SmartAN technology simplifies establishing a link to a switch, streamlines deployment and management, and delivers increased interoperability.
Interoperability Information
FastLinQ 45000 Series Interoperability Matrix
This document identifies the supported standards and lists the cables, modules, and switches tested for interoperability with Marvell 45000 series adapters.