FastLinQ 8400 Series Converged Network Adapters

10GbE converged network adapter supporting simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN (Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE and iSCSI) traffic

Product Briefs
FastLinQ 8400 Series
10Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe Converged Network Adapters


White Papers
Unified Adapter Management Across the Data Center
Cavium QConvergeConsole simplifies and accelerates deployment and management in Windows and Linux.
Visualize I/O Connectivity for VMware vSphere
In VMware virtualized environments, the QCC Plug-in significantly improves business processes, agility, deployment opportunities, and methods for troubleshooting.
FastLinQ 3400 and 8400 Series 10GbE Adapters
Switch Independent NIC Partitioning FAQs.
Enhancing Scalability Through NIC Switch Independent Partitioning
FastLinQ 3400 and 8400 Series 10GbE Adapters unleash the power of data Center servers.


Solution Sheets
The Business Benefits of the Marvell FastLinQ 8400 Series
10GbE CNA for the software-defined data center.
Enhance VMware Uptime and Efficiency
Marvell 10GE Converged Network Adapters Improve vMotions 4-5x.


Technology Briefs
Concurrent NIC Partitioning and SR-IOV
Do more with less in server virtualization!


Competitive Briefs
FastLinQ 10GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters vs. Intel 10GbE Adapters
FastLinQ 3400/8400 adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks