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Fibre Channel

Lenovo ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2770/2772 Single and Dual Port Enhanced 32Gb FC Adapters
The QLogic 2770 Series 32 Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters for Lenovo ThinkSystem servers. These adapters offer industry leading native FC performance with extremely low CPU usage with full hardware offloads. With performance of up to 2 million I/O operations per second (IOPS) per port, these adapters can be used to support all-flash arrays (AFAs) -- Fibre Channel storage systems comprised completely of high-speed solid-state drives.
Lenovo ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2690/2692 Single and Dual Port Enhanced 16Gb FC Adapters
The QLogic Enhanced 16 Gb Fibre Channel Single and Dual-port Host Bus Adapters offer industry leading native FC performance with extremely low CPU usage with full hardware offloads. Enhanced 16Gb FC technology provides advanced storage networking features capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and private cloud environments, while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance 16 Gb FC and all-flash arrays (AFAs).
Lenovo ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2740/2742 Single and Dual Port Gen 6 (32Gb) FC Adapters
The Lenovo ThinkSystem QLogic QLE2740 and QLE2742 Adapters are Lenovo’s first Gen 6, 32Gb Fibre Channel (32GFC) HBAs available in single and dual ports. The QLE2740 and QLE2742 Adapters boast leading native FC performance with extremely low CPU usage and full hardware offloads.
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel USCM - Universal SAN Congestion Mitigation
Effective and efficient identification and mitigation of SAN congestion by leveraging intelligent fabric – end point collaboration
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel Port Isolation Architecture
Port-level isolation architecture provides reliability and predictability across all ports on all Marvell QLogic FC HBAs.
Securing Fibre Channel with Silicon Root of Trust 
Cryptographically Secured Firmware on QLogic FC HBAs Ensures SAN Integrity.
Marvell NVMe over Fabrics Technology Brief 
Use case driven strategies for choosing between FC-NVMe, NVMe/TCP, NVMe/RDMA.
Real-World Requirements from Fibre Channel HBAs
Get the facts about how Fibre Channel HBA capabilities improve real-world application performance
FC-NVMe (NVMe over Fibre Channel)
White paper detailing why FC-NVMe will become the new standard for server to shared storage array connectivity and showcasing the capability for QLE2600/QLE2700 Series Fibre Channel HBAs to support this new protocol.
The Performance Benefits of 32Gb FC Fibre Channel
White paper that details how Marvell QLogic 32GFC Adapters from HPE accelerate database applications and improve server efficiency in all-flash deployments.


Lenovo ThinkSystem QLogic Flex QL45000 25/50Gb Ethernet Adapters
25/50Gb Ethernet Flex System Adapters with Universal RDMA and Intelligent I/O
ThinkSystem QLogic QL41262 10/25GbE SFP28 2-Port PCIe Ethernet Adapter Product Guide > Lenovo Press
25G/10Gb Ethernet Adapter with Universal RDMA and Intelligent I/O
Flex System EN4172 2-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter
Low-cost entry level 10GbE connectivity option for Flex System.