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Automotive Solutions

Movies have long featured what consumers think of as the car of the future. It comes to you when summoned, alerts to divert an accident, self parks, and weighs in on directions and destinations. If any of these features sound familiar to you it’s because the car of the future is closer than you think. Marvell enables future high-bandwidth connectivity solutions for automotive, serving an array of worldwide customers.

Autonomous Driving

From collision avoidance and drift warning to blind spot detection and self parking, cars are already taking over split second decisions and embarrassing skill deficits from the driver. Marvell is leveraging its strength in Ethernet technology to develop the latest high-quality AEC-Q100 qualified automotive products and solutions that improve the safety and functionality of the car.

Autonomous Driving Solutions
Networked Vehicle Solutions

Networked Vehicles

Go ahead, take the separate domains of the car — infotainment, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), body electronics, and control — and connect them. Marvell is at the forefront of this market, bringing high-speed networking into the vehicle and providing a standards-based data backbone for the vehicle, adding flexibility to build for features that haven’t even been thought up yet.

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