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Running an online game at an ultra-high resolution requires high bandwidth. To maintain this level of video quality, sustained throughput is needed.  For connecting VR headsets onto a gaming device, dual-band connectivity and low latency is critical for peer-to-peer gaming.  Marvell Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology enable a seamless, high-quality experience for the most advanced gaming requirements now and for the future.

To enable a 2-3x increase in wireless performance without a significant impact on battery life, you need a highly integrated, low-power wireless solution. Marvell offers the industry’s first 802.11ac chip to combine near field communications (NFC), Bluetooth, mobile MIMO, transmit beam forming, and an integrated location engine with built-in support for Wi-Fi, allowing for high-speed data sync, which results in lower power consumption and longer battery life.

Wireless Connectivity

Marvell wireless connectivity solutions build upon more than a decade of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth silicon, system and software design expertise, and include the industry’s most complete 802.11ax implementation with full MU-MIMO and OFDMA uplink and downlink based on the latest IEEE 802.11ax standards.

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Storage SSD

Marvell delivers complete SSD solutions that include system-on-chip (SoC), board design and firmware. Our second generation NVMe SSD controller boosts storage and offers a drastic reduction in load times.

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Storage HDD

How do you crush the competition if your HDD can’t hold all of the important data of your games? Marvell HDD system-on-chips (SoCs) keep gaming experiences on point with targeted high-performance and power-efficient technologies.

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