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Consumer Solutions

Instant access to content anytime anywhere is an expectation. The average number of devices per home is ever-increasing and simultaneously connected in a growing number of use cases, testing the security and bandwidth to handle it all. Keeping this consumption constantly fueled depends on the ability to integrate devices so that they work together to deliver functionality and services on any screen. 


Consumer Audio Solutions


The move toward voice assistance in home appliances is driving the demand for advanced processing technology in these applications. In multi-room and multi-channel audio, low latency and highly synchronized Wi-Fi make for a superior sound quality experience. Integrated Marvell hardware/software solutions deliver exceptional audio synchronization across devices and rooms with minimal energy requirements.


Running an online game at 4K requires high bandwidth and to maintain this level of video quality, sustained throughput is needed. For connecting VR headsets onto a gaming device, dual-band connectivity and low latency is critical for peer-to-peer gaming. Marvell Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology enable a seamless, high-quality experience for the most advanced gaming requirements now and for the future.

Consumer Gaming Solutions


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