Robust solutions for unique and hostile environments

Industrial Solutions

Network connectivity is essential to the operation of modern industrial environments which feature sophisticated automation and manufacturing technologies. Industrial settings have a more physically and electrically hostile environment which presents a unique set of challenges. To meet these requirements, Marvell has a complete portfolio of robust switches, PHYs, SoCs, wireless and storage technologies for a host of industrial applications such as machine-to-machine communication, surveillance, smart manufacturing and cities as well as medical and healthcare.

Harsh Environments

From extreme temperatures to intense vibration, industrial networks present their own set of challenges. Connectivity hardware that can offer low-latency enhanced electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while operating in extended temperature environments is invaluable to industrial network implementation. Ethernet is also evolving to address the needs of the factory floor. The efficiently designed Marvell family of PHY products enables increased density, reduced power, and smaller package size for use in the most demanding industrial applications.

Harsh Environment Solutions
M2M Solutions


Machine to machine can refer to not only communication between devices but also industrial instrumentation, which includes applications such as the use of sensors or meters to communicate recorded data (temperatures or inventory levels). The deployment of IP networks has made machine to machine communication quicker and easier while using less power. To keep that supply chain moving smoothly, Marvell has a complete portfolio of storage,processing, networking, security and connectivity solutions designed specifically to help connect people, devices, sensors and machines to corporate networks.

Distributed Edge and Compute

Data processing power at the edge of the network has quite a few advantages in the industrial realm. By not holding that power in the cloud or a data warehouse, industrial applications such as power production or manufacturing capture streaming data that can optimize production and avoid equipment failures or product defects. Marvell infrastructure processors, switches and PHYs address a broad spectrum of demanding applications at the edge of the network.

Distributed Edge and Compute Solutions
Medical and Healthcare Solutions

Medical and Healthcare

The healthcare industry has made a mass migration to the cloud, gaining more efficiency and critical tool support throughout the ecosystem. As happens when a network is deployed, there is a rise in devices that connect to it. Smart connected medical devices can send and receive pertinent patient data such as an activity tracker or a modular imaging solution from a CT or MRI scanners.

Smart Cities

City governments are leveraging big data applications to battle the ills of urban congestion and improve the quality of life of its residents. Utilizing sensors and application virtualization, as well as computing and connectivity solutions to harness data, city managers are able to derive patterns and use infrastructure to make decisions about resources. City governments that wish to bring efficiency, safety and innovation to their environments need look no further than our complete portfolio of networking and wireless connectivity solutions to optimally and reliably store, move, access and secure data.

Smart City Solutions
Surveillance Solutions


Surveillance solutions in the industrial setting encompass a range of technologies beyond live monitoring and forensic data. Video motion detection, remote management, secure storage in the cloud, automated alerts and more are all possibilities in a cost-effective cloud tool.


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