Accelerated Infrastructure for the AI Era

Data Infrastructure for the AI Era

AI Era Event

Accelerated computing relies on Accelerated Infrastructure. An AI is the ultimate data infrastructure application. At Marvell, we develop and deliver semiconductor solutions that move, store, process and secure the world's data faster and more reliably than anyone else.

Watch our Accelerated Infrastructure for the AI Era special event to learn more about how Marvell silicon powers the accelerated compute, connectivity, networking, and storage infrastructure needed to expand the reach of AI.


NVIDIA and Marvell: Powering Accelerated Computing

Accelerated computing requires immense bandwidth. NVIDIA is working with Marvell to deliver it. Achyut Shah, SVP & GM, Connectivity Business Unit at Marvell, describes the history of the collaboration.


Transforming Data Infrastructure for the AI Era 

AI will profoundly transform business and society. It will also have a profound impact on data infrastructure as AI becomes pervasive throughout cloud applications. Today, cloud operators are rethinking every aspect of their architectures to capitalize on the AI opportunity.  

Chris Koopmans, Chief Operations Officer at Marvell, and Daniel Newman, CEO of Futurum, discuss how custom silicon, optical connectivity and related technologies are evolving to meet the AI challenge. 


Transforming Cloud Infrastructure for the AI Era

Nigel Alvares, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Planning at Marvell, discusses the cloud evolution and introduces emerging cloud-optimized silicon architecture solutions covering storage and memory that will help AI to continue to scale.


The Optical Revolution

With AI training models spread across thousands of processors and inference tasks being shifted to regional data centers, connectivity is one of the linchpins of AI.  

Marvell is developing the technologies that will increase speed and capacity between and within cloud data centers. This includes coherent digital signal processors (DSPs), such as the Orion™ DSP, and COLORZ® optical modules for connecting data centers up to 1,200 kilometers apart.  

AI Training Demands Optical Interconnects

Generative AI has disrupted the traditional balance of compute, storage, and networking in data centers. Noam Mizrahi, Corporate Chief Technology Officer at Marvell, shares his insight into how AI is reshaping network architectures.


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