Alaska® A AEC Family & 800G Multimode Platform

New interconnect innovations for serial 100G I/O era

Industry’s 1st Cloud-Optimized 400G/800G PAM4 DSPs for AECs and 1st 800G multimode (VCSEL) chipset

Enabling all critical cloud data center interconnects

Marvell expands its cloud-optimized networking portfolio

Alaska A AEC 800G PAM4 DSP

Alaska A 800G MV-CHA180C0C

Alaska A AEC 400G PAM4 DSP

Alaska A 400G MV-CHA140C0C

Spica™ 800G PAM4 DSP

Spica 800G PAM4 DSP to enable 800G optical transceiver modules for hyperscale data centers and AI networks

Multimode Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) IN5669TA

56 Gbaud Quad-Channel, Single-Ended Input, Linear Transimpedance/Variable-Gain Amplifier with 250 µm Input Channel Pitch

Multimode Driver IN5614DV

56 Gbaud Quad-Channel, Linear VCSEL Driver