OCTEON Fusion Small Cell Processors

Industry’s most powerful, small cell “Base Station-on-a-Chip” family of processors

OCTEON Fusion Small Cell Processors

The OCTEON™ Fusion® CNF7100 baseband processor is targeted for enterprise and microcell LTE basestation designs.  It combines the OCTEON multi-core architecture with purpose-built baseband DSP cores and LTE hardware accelerators in a single chip. It also supports up to 3GPP release 9.  In combination with our cost-aware manufacturable indoor eNodeB reference design and integrated LTE stack, a single sector LTE basestation featuring the CNF7100 can be readily brought to market.  

Block Diagram

OCTEON Fusion Small Cell Processors Block Diagram

Use Cases

CNF7100 Baseband Architecture

LTE Hardware Accelerators
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