FastLinQ Converged Network Adapters

10/25/40/50/100GbE Converged network adapter with iSCSI, FCoE, and Universal RDMA

FastLinQ CNA Adapters

White Papers

NVMe-oF delivers the ultimate in choice and flexibility by enabling concurrent support for RoCE and iWARP universal RDMA, along with acceleration of workloads without burdening server CPU with FastLinQ NVMe-Direct technology.
iSER RDMA Accelerates Storage
Accelerate iSCSI storage with universal Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).

Next-generation offload technology enables high-performance iSCSI-based external NVMe flash storage.
Network Function Virtualization Using Data Plane Developer's Kit
Enabling 25GbE to 100GbE virtual network functions with FastLinQ Intelligent Ethernet Adapters.
Accelerate network performance and lower costs for enterprise data center and cloud environments.
Visualize I/O Connectivity for VMware vSphere
Marvell QConvergeConsole Plug-in for VMware vCenter simplifies and accelerates deployment and management.
Unified Adapter Management Across the Data Center
Marvell QConvergeConsole simplifies and accelerates deployment and management in Windows and Linux.

Switch Independent NIC Partitioning FAQs
Enhancing Scalability Through NIC Switch Independent Partitioning
FastLinQ 3400 and 8400 Series 10GbE Adapters unleash the power of data Center servers.
Case Studies
Marvell Intelligent Ethernet Adapters Accelerate Hart's Network and Application Performance as Much as 10X
Hart dramatically accelerates application performance and achieves rapid, cost-effective scalability while significantly reducing deployment costs in their Big Data environment to successfully meet growth objectives.
Competitive Briefs
FastLinQ 25GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters vs. Mellanox Adapters
FastLinQ QL45000 25GbE adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks.
FastLinQ 10GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters vs. Intel 10GbE Adapters
FastLinQ 3400/8400 adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks
Don't Lose Application Performance In an I/O Digital Traffic Jam
Intelligent Ethernet from Cavium improves performance by over 55%.
FastLinQ 10GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters vs. Mellanox 10GbE Adapters
FastLinQ 3400 and 8400 Series Adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks.
Technology Briefs
Establishing Adaptive Links with SmartAN Technology
SmartAN technology simplifies establishing a link to a switch, streamlines deployment and management, and delivers increased interoperability.
iWARP RDMA Here and Now
Cavium, Chelsio, and Intel collaborated to present the benefits of iWARP with RDMA.
Investment Protection with High-Performance 10GBASE-T from Cavium
Cavium FastLinQ adapters with 10GBASE-T connections provide investment protection to easily transition from 1GbE to 10GbE performance while reducing cost instead of migrating to the higher priced SFP+ optical connectivity.
Solution Sheets
Accelerate Live Migration with iWarp using Cavium FastLinQ 25GbE
Cavium FastLinQ 25GbE adapters with Universal RDMA accelerates Live Migration in Microsoft® Windows 2016 by up to 58% while reducing CPU utilization by up to 75%.
Adapter of Choice for Network Appliances and Embedded Systems
Gain control, optimize deployment flexibility, and scale application performance.
Third-Party Papers
Accelerating Network Virtualization Overlays with Intelligent Ethernet Adapters
ESG Lab tested the performance benefits of offloading tunneling for network virtualization overlays for 10GbE and 25GbE.
25GbE: The Future of Ethernet
Ixia and Cavium validate end-to-end interoperability of 25 Gigabit Ethernet.
Arista - 25G Ethernet: A New Standard for Network Connectivity
This paper explains why and shows how changes in demand, technology and network economics are working together to alter the networking landscape and how Arista and Cavium are working together, spearheading the effort to bring solutions to the market.
The Linley Group - Universal RDMA: A Unique Approach for Heterogeneous Data-Center Acceleration
Cavium’s FastLinQ stands out by handling both RoCE and iWARP, which are alternative protocols for RDMA over Ethernet.