Fibre Channel Adapters and Controllers

Storage connectivity solutions for best-in-class performance for storage area networks (SANs) in enterprise data centers

Marvell QLogic® Fibre Channel Adapters and Controllers

Fibre Channel is one of the most deployed storage connectivity solutions in enterprise data centers. It is also one of the most prevalent methods of storage connectivity. Fibre Channel's low-overhead protocol, its reliability and performance make it the preferred choice for connecting all flash arrays (AFAs) storage to servers. In fact, the accelerating growth of virtualized data centers, and the advent of NVMe, is driving the demand for fibre channel storage. With FC-NVMe becoming more prevalent, having this capability plus the ability to simultaneously communicate with FCP-SCSI helps end customers to transition their storage needs at their own pace. Marvell QLogic® Fibre Channel adapters and controllers allow for simplified management and leverage multiple generations of technology enhancements and customer deployments.

QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters

QLogic Fibre Channel adapters offer best-in-class performance and functionality for Storage Area Networks. Designed for rapid server deployment and orchestration, the availability of multiple port configurations allow for maximum flexibility in implementation. Robust and reliable, our Marvell FC adapters are deterministic and high-performing while delivering low latency.

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QLogic Fibre Channel Controllers

From enabling NVMe and SSD solutions to protecting data integrity, there is a Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel controller capable of delivering the particular technology enhancements, performance, power utilization, and reliability needed for your SAN (storage area network) deployments.

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