NVMe over Fibre Channel

NVM Express over Fibre Channel

Marvell QLogic adapters enable NVMe® over Fibre Channel

What is NVMe®?

NVM Express (NVMe®) is a new and innovative method of accessing storage media and has been capturing the imagination of data center professionals worldwide. NVMe is an alternative to the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) standard for connecting and transferring data between a host and a peripheral target storage device or system. SCSI became a standard in 1986, when hard disk drives (HDDs) and tape were the primary storage media. NVMe is designed for use with faster media, such as solid-state drives (SSDs) and post-flash memory-based technologies. NVMe provides a streamlined register interface and command set to reduce the I/O stack's CPU overhead by directly accessing the PCIe bus. Benefits of NVMe-based storage drives include lower latency, deep parallelism and higher performance.


What is NVME over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe)?

With up to 256 Gb of aggregate line rate throughput, the 2700 Series (32 G) Gen6 and 2690 Series (16 G) Gen5 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters offer high throughput and intelligent offloads that enable low latency NVMe storage to scale out in the most efficient way possible, while simplifying design, reducing overhead and improving performance.

Next-generation data intensive workloads are utilizing low latency NVMe flash-based storage to meet ever increasing user demand. By combining the lossless, highly deterministic nature of Fibre Channel with NVMe, FC-NVMe delivers the performance, application response time, and scalability needed for next generation data centers, while leveraging existing Fibre Channel infrastructures. QLogic 2690 Series of Enhanced Gen 5 and 2700 Series of Gen 6 Fibre Channel adapters FC-NVMe ready.

Product Technology NVMe-oF Support
Marvell QLogic QLE2690/QLE2692 Adapters Datasheet Enhanced Gen 5 Yes
QLE2700 Series 32GFC Gen 6 Yes

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