Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters and Controllers

Storage connectivity solutions for best-in-class performance for storage area networks (SANs) in enterprise data centers

QLogic Fibre Channel Controllers (ASICs)

Fibre Channel Controllers

QLogic® Fibre Channel ASICs leverage multiple generations of technology enhancements and customer deployments with over 20 million ports shipped.

Key Features

  • The QLogic 2700 series controllers are used for both host- and target-mode implementation with dual and quad port options. These Enhanced 32GFC and 32GFC controllers deliver the ultimate in Fibre Channel for enabling flash and SSD solutions, hyper-scale virtualization, and new data center architectures.
  • The QLogic 2600 series controllers are enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel HBA controllers available in dual- and quad-port. Used for both host- and target-mode implementations, these controllers deliver the ultimate in Fibre Channel performance, power utilization, reliability, and investment protection.
  • The QLogic 8300 series controllers provide end-to-end data integrity with overlapping protection domain (OPD) and support for T10 DIF makes the 8300 Series controllers ideal for file- and block-based storage controller applications.
  • The QLogic 2500 series controller was designed and optimized for protecting data, lowering power consumption, and achieving the highest levels of performance.

Product Comparison Chart

Part Number Description Documentation
EP2754 Quad-port enhanced 32GFC embedded controller Datasheet
EP2752 Dual-port enhanced 32GFC embedded controller Datasheet
EP2714 Quad-port 32GFC embedded controller Datasheet
EP2722 Dual-port 32GFC embedded controller Datasheet
EP2684 Quad port, 16Gb Fibre Channel Controller Datasheet
EP2692 Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel Controller Datasheet
EP8324 16Gb Fibre Channel/10GbE to PCIe converge network controllers Datasheet
EP2532 Dual port, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel to PCI Express controller Datasheet


Fibre Channel is one of the most deployed storage connectivity solutions in enterprise data centers and is one of the most prevalent methods of storage connectivity. Fibre Channel's low-overhead protocol, its reliability and performance also makes it the preferred choice for connecting all-flash arrays (AFAs) storage and servers. Including support for the latest in FC-NVMe capabilities and standards.