Marvell - HPE Partnership

Technology provider for HPE’s industry-leading portfolio of server, storage and networking products

HPE Partnership

Marvell has a decades-old relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and continues to provide the company with differentiated technology for HPE servers, storage and networking. Marvell is a leading provider to HPE for Fibre Channel, Enterprise Ethernet adapters for HPE Servers, Ethernet Switch technology and Target adapters for HPE storage. This includes QLogic Fibre Channel, FastLinQ Ethernet, and Converged Networking technology. HPE also relies on Marvell processor, SOC and storage technologies for select server, storage and networking solutions. Marvell is proud to be the leading I/O technology provider for HPE's industry-leading portfolio of server, storage and networking products.

Marvell doesn't merely hand HPE a product so that it can affix an HPE logo to it. Rather, we partner with HPE very early in the design process. This enables HPE to bring to market solutions that are truly unique. Examples include universal RDMA, Virtual Connect FlexFabric, Virtual Connect direct attach for 3PAR, concurrent protocol converged adapters, and network partitioning. As a true partner, we invest in HPE at all levels and do not compete with HPE for the customer’s data center. Instead, we work together to make HPE more successful and deliver more to HPE customers.

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