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An Ecosystem for Cloud-Based Security


Six of the ten largest clouds offer encryption and other services through Marvell LiquidSecurity hardware security modules (HSMs) while leading software developers are bringing their applications to the platform. Read how Marvell and its partners are cultivating an ecosystem give customers greater choice and flexibility when it comes to security.

How Encryption Gets to the Cloud


By consolidating the functionality of an HSM appliance into a PCIe card, Marvell LiquidSecurity dramatically reduces the cost, power and rack space required to deliver encryption and other security services. Just as important, it has transformed how HSM services get delivered and helped make cloud-based HSMs the fastest growing segment in the market1.

Cryptomathic’s Crypto Service Gateway is a leading platform for managing HSMs and creating hybrid environments.

A pioneer in infrastructure automation software for multi-cloud environments, Hashicorp Vault can now utilize Marvell LiquidSecurity HSMs for added protection.

Infosec Global's AgileSec Analytics & Agility platform software can now integrate with LiquidSecurity HSMs to continuously monitor and understand their crypto footprint.

1Marvell and industry analyst estimates.

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