LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module

Security and compliance for your private and public clouds with LiquidSecurity HSM adapters

LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module Adapters and Appliances

With up to 35,000 2048-bit symmetric ops/sec, up to hundreds of thousands symmetric ops/sec and up to 32 real time isolated partitions, LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Modules (HSM) enable multiple applications and users to share the same hardware resource. Ease of management and multiple other features targeted towards cloud deployment bring huge CAPEX and OPEX benefits.

Key Features

  • 35K 2048-bit RSA ops/sec
  • 10G Bulk crypto/sec
  • Elastic HSMs: Connecting a partition on 20 different appliances to form a cluster for single network domain
  • Rich networking support: 2 x 10GbE
  • Division of roles
  • Appliance admin: Create, enable/disable partitions but no access to keys in FIPS boundary
  • PCIe adapter with complete Software to convert any system into a Network HSM
  • Out of the box solution
  • LiquidSecurity client supports most hypervisors and tested with various applications
  • Health checks, audit logs

Product Comparison Table

Device Performance (divisible among available Partitions) Isolated Partitions Form Factor
2048b asym ops/sec Symmetric Gbps
CNL3560-APL-Sec-G 35K(2048b) 10 Gb/s 32 1U Rackmount
CNL3510-APL-Sec-G 13K(2048b) 4 Gb/s 24 1U Rackmount
CNL3560-NFBE-G 35K (2048b) 10Gb/s 32 PCIe Adapter
CNL3530-NFBE-G 18K (2048b) 7Gb/s 32 PCIe Adapter
CNL3510-NFBE-G 13K (2048b) 4Gb/s 24 PCIe Adapter


  • Crypto As A Service
  • Applications requiring FIPS 140-2 level 2 or level 3 compliance
  • Key Management Service
  • Database As A Service
  • Secure DNS
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Document Signing

Use Cases

LiquidSecurity HSMs are designed from the ground up for private or public cloud use cases.

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