ThunderX Customer Reference Platforms

Accelerate development cycle with the ability to test and release with actual hardware in cloud and data center infrastructures

ThunderX Customer Reference Platforms

Marvell® is enabling the ThunderX® family with two reference platforms for ecosystem partners to test and release with actual hardware.  This enables customers to evaluate ThunderX performance and features based on their specific application thereby accelerating the development cycle for customers building their own platforms and developing their software stack deploying ThunderX. 

The customers reference platforms include:

  • ThunderX 1K reference platform is an ATX form factor single socket motherboard inside of a 1U chassis.
  • ThunderX 2K reference platform is a ½ SSI form factor sled inside of a 2U chassis. The 2U chassis can accommodate 4 sleds and each of the sled being a dual socket design.

ThunderX CN8XXX Family

The CN88xx and CN87xx are the basis of the ThunderX Family. The CN87XX consists of 8-16 cores in single socket configuration with two DDR3/4 controllers, multiple 10GbE, SATAv3 and PCIe Gen3 interfaces. This family is cost and power optimized for entry level applications such as cold storage, distributed content delivery, dedicated hosting, distributed memory caching and embedded and control plane.

Key Features

Features CN88XX_X (Server) CN87XX_X (Low End Server)
Cores 24-48 8-16
Core Frequency Up to 2.5Ghz Up to 2.5GHz
Dual Socket Configuration X  
Full Virtualization (virtSoC™) X  
Multiple PCIe Gen3 X X
Multiple SATA 3 X X
Multiple 10G/40GE X X
100G Connectivity X  
Multiple DDR3/4 X X
Hardware Accelerators X X
Ethernet Fabric X