ThunderX2 Arm-based Processors

High performance processors for data demanding applications and cloud infrastructure

ThunderX2 Arm-based Processors

The Marvell® ThunderX2® product family consists of best-in-class 64-bit Arm®v8 based processors designed to accelerate adoption and deployment for Arm servers in mainstream cloud and high performance computing datacenters by providing the next level of computing performance and ecosystem readiness. The ThunderX2 family includes multiple SKUs that easily handle the most demanding compute, storage and networking workloads in the cloud and HPC (high performance compute) data centers.

Key Features

  • High performance custom fully out-of-order (OOO) cores, single and dual socket configurations
  • Arm based SoC to be fully cache coherent across dual sockets using Cavium Coherent Processor Interconnect (CCPI2™)
  • The largest integrated I/O capacity with 100s of Gigabits of I/O bandwidth using integrated 25Gbps SerDes
  • Multiple DDR4 72 bit memory controllers capable of supporting highest performance server memories with 1+TB of memory in a dual socket configuration
  • Hundreds of integrated hardware accelerators for security, storage, networking and virtualization applications
  • Virtualization everywhere with Cavium virtSOC ™ technology – Full system level, low latency virtualization solution from core to I/O
  • Support for PCIe Gen3 x16 along with integrated IO and SATAv3 ports


  • Data Center and cloud applications optimized for compute, storage, network and secure compute workloads
  • Improve semiconductor product quality and reliability with delivering cost-effective, superior throughput for EDA verification of SoCs. Read the White Paper on how Cadence Xcellium Parallel Logic Simulation and HPE Apollo 70 System, based on the Marvell ThunderX2 processor, are changing the economics of semiconductor device verification.
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