Most reliable and trusted technology used by every HDD company in the world

Hard Drive SoCs

Marvell is the industry leader in hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state hard drive (SSHD) system on chips (SoCs). HDDs and SSHDs (also called hybrid drives) are the primary storage devices used across client devices such as PC desktops and laptops, ultraportable laptops, high-end tablets, home cloud set top boxes such as DVR, NAS, WiFi storage, and cloud networking and data center infrastructure. As an end-to-end silicon provider with leading computing, networking, and storage technologies for mobile, home, network infrastructure, and data centers, the new HDD and SSHD SoCs are an integral part of Marvell’s solution platforms used by leading OEMs, carriers, and content/service providers around the world. Marvell SoC technology is the most reliable and trusted technology used by every HDD company in the world.

Existing hybrid drive configurations require multiple chips consuming more power, PCB space, cost, and complexity. Marvell's super-integrated Soleil 2000-H SoC is a single chip solution that offers exceptional price and performance while supporting the latest high-density NAND flash for maximum hybrid drive performance and capacity.

Technology Leadership

Marvell Technology: Marvell's market leading HDD and SSHD SoCs leverage key technologies to enable maximum performance, areal density, and data integrity with power and space efficient architectures. These include read channel, processors, transceivers, crypto engines, and preamplifiers.

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