HDD Markets and Technologies

Innovative targeted, high-performance, power-efficient technologies for your market

HDD Markets and Technologies

The mature but highly dynamic hard disk drive (HDD) marketplace consists of multiple segments—consumer, mobile, desktop, enterprise—each with very different storage requirements. The comprehensive suite of Marvell storage technologies power solutions for each market, meeting their specific requirements head-on with innovative targeted, high-performance, power-efficient technologies:

Read Channel

The Marvell Read Channel products use advanced mixed-signal and digital signal processing technologies. Marvell technology incorporates an efficient error correction scheme in addition to advanced digital filtering and data-detection techniques. These products allow customers to achieve high areal density and high data reliability in addition to fast data transfer rates for their HDDs. Marvell read channel products are designed in digital CMOS processes and use custom digital and analog blocks running at very high frequency with low power consumption.


Marvell Central Processing Unit (CPU) technology is at the heart of our HDD system-on-chips (SOCs). Marvell CPU technology is compliant with the ARM instruction set, which is supported by a global ecosystem of developers and engineers. As one of a few select companies to hold a full ARM architecture license, Marvell is uniquely positioned to leverage the pervasiveness of the ARM architecture. Our superscalar, dual-issue, out-of-order execution CPUs are among the most advanced in the world. They contain advanced three-level branch prediction, a variable stage pipeline, and an integrated memory controller, providing unmatched high-end performance and meeting low-power consumption requirements.


Our high-performance transceivers support SATA, SAS, and USB HDD interfaces. This highly flexible technology offers high noise tolerance and low jitter with minimal power consumption. Plus, Marvell has many years of experience in the design of transceiver technology ensuring a high level of compatibility in all applications.

Cryptographic Engines

Due to government regulations and a high concern about data security, nearly all HDDs need to support on-drive encryption. The Marvell cryptographic solution is comprised of high-speed AES engines for encryption of data-at-rest, and a hardware cryptographic module that provides a secure and flexible environment for implementing various data access control standards, including TCG and IEEE.

HDD Read/Write Preamplifiers

Marvell offers a complete line of Read/Write Preamplifier integrated circuits (ICs) for client, data center and cloud-based HDD Storage systems. Our advanced SiGe preamplifiers provide low-power, high-performance and cost-effective solutions for consumer, personal computing and enterprise market segments. The Marvell product families are designed for use with the latest TDMR (Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording) and thermally assisted magnetic recording head technologies with advanced fly-height control and signal conditioning. All Marvell preamplifier products are certified lead-free, halogen-free, and ROHS compliant.