DRAM-less SSD Controllers

Optimized for a new generation of slim computing devices

88NV11xx SSD Controllers

The 88NV1120 and 88NV1160 comprise the first Marvell family of NVM Express DRAM-less SSD controllers supporting 6Gb/s SATA, PCIe Gen3x1 and PCIe Gen3x2 interface respectively for small-form-factor and value line SSD markets.

In addition to value-line SSD enabling, the 88NV11xx family design is also optimized for small form factor applications. By using 28nm CMOS process node technology, the controller is perfect for multiple-chip-package (MCP) integration running on embedded SRAM without external memory. It’s perfect for low-z-height or compact mobile devices looking for SSD performance, like premium tablet or 2-in-1 notebook. The standalone packed version also help enable modules as small as M.2 2230 (3cm in length). And an integrated solution with NAND (so-called BGA SSD), 11.5x13mm and 16x20mm form factors are supported.

The 88NV1160 supports the NVM Express standard or legacy AHCI through PCIe interface and the Host Memory Buffer feature can boost Random Read/Write performance. The 88NV1120 supports popular SATA interface in a client PC system. The controllers are all equipped with Marvell NANDEdge™ LDPC error correction technology for reliability enhancement, endurance boost and supports 15nm 2D TLC and 3D TLC/QLC.

Product Comparison Chart

Feature/ Spec 88NV1120 88NV1160
Host Interface SATA PCIe Gen3x2
Protocol  AHCI AHCI and NVMe 1.3
Host Memory Buffer  N/A Supported
CPU Dual ARM Cortex R5 Dual ARM Cortex R5
DRAM Interface N/A N/A
NAND Interface 2CHx4CE 4CHx4CE
SOC Package 8x8mm TFBGA 9x10mmTFBGA
BGA SSD compatible



Key Benefits

  • Optimized for new generation of slim computing devices such as productivity tablets and ultrabooks
  • Powerful dual core ARM® Cortex® - R5 CPUs
  • NANDEdge™ LDPC error correction technology
  • Provides industry’s leading performance per Watt
  • Can be used in a single ball grid array (BGA) package SSD as well as in a standalone controller in a tiny 9x10mm package
  • Facilitates BGA SSD support for both 16x20mm and 11.5x13mm form factors
  • Full turnkey firmware and manufacturing support compatible with mainstream NAND


Value-line client SSD and small form factor SSD for low z-height mobile PC devices.