SATA SSD Controllers

Ideal solution for high performance, low power SDD systems

DRAM-based SATA (88SS1074)

The industry-leading Marvell® 88SS1074 is a SATA SSD controller. It deploys Marvell’s third generation error-correcting, low-density parity check (LDPC) technology, reliability enhancement, endurance boost and TLC NAND device support on top of MLC NAND. It also provides support for SATA 3.2 6.0 Gbps host interface and 4 channel NAND interface up to 8 devices per channel.  The 88SS1074 consumes less power than existing solutions, making it one of the most power efficient SSD controllers on the market.

Key Benefits

  • 4 NAND Channel with 8 CEs
  • Proven 3rd generation LDPC to support 15/16nm MLC/TLC as well as 3D NAND
  • SATA 3.2 6.0Gbps
  • Up to 400MT/s Toggle 2 and ONFI3 standards
  • Low power support with integrated DEVSLP (Device Sleep)
  • Security - 256 AES encryption
  • Advanced 28nm CMOS process

Target Applications

The Marvell 88SS1074 SATA SDD controller is an ideal solution for high-performance, low power SSD systems such as personal computers and enterprise applications.