SSD Leadership

SATA, SAS, and PCIe expertise enable complete solutions for Enterprise, Datacenter, and Client SSD markets.

SSD Technologies


The SSD market is quickly generating new products and numerous opportunities for both the makers and users of storage, offering many advantages to the consumer and enterprise markets. Marvell is able to address the entire SSD marketplace with complete solutions that contain innovative, targeted, high-performance, power-efficient technologies including:


Years of experience in advanced PHY technology for both DRAM and NAND, have made it possible for Marvell to drive high-speed NAND interfaces up to 800MT/s. Marvell is also the leader in NAND compatibility. Our SSD drivers are compatible with the latest generations of NAND; ONFI & Toggle; Planar and 3D NAND.

NANDEdge™ Error Correction Technology

Our proprietary NANDEdge™ error correction LDPC technology provides more than three times the error correction capability than other such technologies. Its advanced capabilities and deep read retries evolved from our rich experience with BCH, advanced BCH, and LDPC in our storage and wireless technologies. NANDEdge is also compatible with latest generation Planar and 3D NAND MLC, TLC, and QLC.

CPU Technology

Marvell Central Processing Unit (CPU) technology is at the heart of our SSD SOCs. Our CPU technology is compliant with the ARM instruction set, which is supported by a global ecosystem of developers and engineers. As one of a few select companies to hold a full ARM architecture license, Marvell is able to optimize ARM cores for embedded needs, particularly for lower power and more instructions per MHz. Marvell CPUs are among the most advanced in the world, containing advanced three-level branch prediction, a variable stage pipeline, and an integrated memory controller, providing unmatched high-end performance and meeting low-power consumption requirements.


High performance Marvell transceivers support 6G SATA, 24G SAS, PCIe (generation 4 and 5), and SSD interfaces. This highly flexible technology offers high noise tolerance and low jitter with minimal power consumption. Plus, our many years of experience in the design of transceiver technology ensures a high level of compatibility in all applications.

Data Protection

Advanced CMOS processes are more and more sensitive for so-called bit flips. This can impact firmware stability as well as user data integrity. Marvell is using advanced technology to protect SRAM and DRAM data integrity. Furthermore, the user data is protected in what’s known as end-to-end data protection. When the host writes a sector, the controller appends a set of Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) bits before passing the whole bundle through the rest of the circuitry to the NAND. When the host later reads that sector, the controller checks that the CRC bits still jive with the user data. If there’s been a bit flip, the CRC will detect it.

Data Security

Due to government regulations and a high concern about data security, nearly all SSDs need to support on-drive encryption. Our cryptographic solution is comprised of high-speed AES engines for encryption of data-at-rest, and a hardware cryptographic module that provides a secure and flexible environment for implementing various data access control standards.


The Marvell firmware software development kit (SDK) allows customers to add their own unique IP. Customers get basic functionality of each function; this allows them to create their own product firmware on the top of it. For other specific market solutions, Marvell is shipping a fully qualified firmware stack into end products including manufacturing support.