" As a current Marketing student at San Jose State University, I joined Marvell to gain real life experience and make a difference. I've worked on multiple projects. I have built the social selling program and had the opportunity to work with several different sales people and employees who have been supportive in my mission. Just recently I worked with different graphic designers to create marketing materials, and I built an app for the company sales conference. The app helped to increase reach, improve engagement and generate excitement for the event!

I love the culture at Marvell! I feel so at home here. I don’t just feel like an intern, I feel like I’m already a full time employee! By working on these projects, I get a rare opportunity to gain real life applications in the business world – something I definitely can’t do in a classroom. I also get to see the results of my work almost immediately or even within the year – I definitely feel more confident about entering the working world after graduation, and I’m definitely going to enter the Marvell workforce with pride."