Marvell Fibre Channel

Marvell QLogic 2690 Series Fibre Channel Adapters

Enhanced Gen 5 FC (16GFC) fibre channel adapters in single, dual and quad ports providing industry leading native FC performance with low CPU usage and full hardware offloads

QLE2690 and QLE2692 Datasheet
Enhanced Gen 5 FC (16GFC) Fibre Channel Adapters
QLE2694 and QLE2694L Datasheet
Quad-port Enhanced Gen 5 FC (16GFC) Fibre Channel Adapters
Real-World Requirements from Fibre Channel HBAs
Get the facts about how Fibre Channel HBA capabilities improve real-world application performance
FC-NVMe (NVMe over Fibre Channel)
QLogic® Enhanced 16GFC / 32GFC HBAs Fibre Channel – the most trusted fabric can transport NVMe natively
VM Aware Fibre Channel
VM-ID technology enables SAN administrators to monitor, manage, and control individual VM workloads in the SAN.
QLogic and Brocade Technology Alliance Drives Gen 5 (16Gb) and Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel to New Levels
QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters maximize the potential of your storage network.
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel USCM - Universal SAN Congestion Mitigation 
Effective and efficient identification and mitigation of SAN congestion by leveraging intelligent fabric – end point collaboration
Marvell QLogic Fibre Channel Port Isolation Architecture 
Port-level isolation architecture provides reliability and predictability across all ports on all Marvell QLogic FC HBAs.
Automating and Simplifying SAN Provisioning for QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters
Fabric pre-provisioning enables servers to be quickly and easily deployed, replaced, and moved across the SAN.
Enhanced Reliability and Diagnostics for QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters
End-to-end Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Infrastructure validation and diagnostics ensures SAN robustness and performance.
Improved Performance and QoS for QLogic Enhanced 16GFC and 32GFC Fibre Channel Adapters
Meet and exceed service-level agreements (SLAs) with end-to-end SAN traffic prioritization and network resiliency.
Marvell Platform and Methodology for Product Evaluations
Delivering transparent and consistent performance and functional test results.
QLogic Fibre Channel Stack
Most diverse offering with field-hardened stability and reliability.
QLogic Enhanced 16GFC Delivers Exceptional Value
QLogic leads the competition with superior features, lower power, higher performance, and investment protection.