Advancing the Future of Intelligent Driving

Join us at Automotive Ethernet Congress 2020!

Today’s connected cars are quickly advancing to become the new network edge for Ethernet. Secure in-vehicle networking is even more critical and require a scalable, reliable and standards-based solution. A leader of networking solutions, Marvell’s high-speed automotive Ethernet solutions are feature rich, programmable, flexible, interoperable and enable secure transfer of data throughout the vehicle as well as to the cloud.

Visit Marvell to experience our latest developments including:  

Automotive Security:

Securing the automotive network from malicious intrusions with MACSec and advanced Denial of Service prevention, featuring Marvell’s latest secure switches and multi-gigabit Automotive PHYs

Sensor Fusion:

Demonstrating Marvell’s 88Q6113 and AQV107 enabling sensor fusion in a zonal architecture with the aggregation of data from Lidar, Radar and Vision systems from one zone to another across a 10Gbit backbone

Please contact your Marvell representative to book a meeting.