Automotive Ethernet

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Automotive Ethernet

Marvell Automotive Networking products are taking what used to be the separate domains of the car — infotainment, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), body electronics, and control — and connecting them together providing a high bandwidth, standards based data backbone for the vehicle.  Future developments will include using that information to connect with other sensors required for autonomous vehicles to enable connectivity not just inside but also outside the car.

Harnessing the low cost and high bandwidth of Ethernet brings many advantages to the next generation automotive architecture including the flexibility to add new applications.  In other words, allowing the possibility to build for features that haven’t even been thought up yet.

Marvell is at the forefront of this market, recently bringing high-speed networking into the vehicle by delivering the first samples based on the IEEE 1000Base-T1 specifications. Early chip samples have given auto makers the ability to evaluate the performance of this new standard and identify possible issues early in the application development process, prior to production, accelerating time to market.

Part Number Description
88Q5050 8-Port Ethernet gigabit capacity switch with 4 fixed 100BASE-T1 ports, and a configurable selection of an additional 4 ports from 1 100BASE-T1, 1 100BASE-TX, 2 MII/RMII/RGMII, 1 GMII, and 1 SGMII port
88Q5030 5-port Ethernet switch off ers 3x IEEE 100BASE-T1 ports, 1x IEEE 100BASE-T1 port, 2x MII/ RMII/RGMII or GMII port, and 1x Serdes or SGMII port.
88Q2112 1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet PHY, Single Port, RGMII/SGMII to Copper Transceiver
88Q1010 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet PHY, Single Port, MII/RMII/RGMII to Copper Transceiver
88EA1512 10/100/1000BASE-T PHY, Single Port, EEE, RGMII/SGMII to Copper/Fiber/SGMII Transceiver
88EA1517 100BASE-TX PHY, Single Port, EEE, MII/RGMII to Copper Transceiver
88EA6321 7-Port AVB GE Switch, 2 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs + 3 RGMII/MII/RMII + 2 Serdes/SGMII
88EA6352 7-Port AVB GE Switch, 5 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs + 2 RGMII/MII/RMII + 1 Serdes/SGMII


  • Body Electronics Domain
  • Next generation Advanced Driver Assistance System
  • IVI Systems