Automotive Storage

Best-in-class storage solutions for the car of tomorrow

Automotive Storage

From sensors and cameras to chips and wireless connectivity, cars are including more and more systems generating data that needs to be processed and stored. Maps are stored in the car and GPS antenna provide the vehicle’s location to the GPS system.  Stored music and video files are available for anytime play, even allowing playback for passenger monitors. Self-driving cars will not only require a very large amount of storage for the programs and object recognition, it is estimated that a self-driving car can generate 1 gigabyte of data per second. In other words, the car of the future is a rolling data center of valuable information.  All of this information will not only need to readily accessible, it needs to be processed and stored securely.

Marvell, the longtime market leader of storage devices, now brings signal integrity, compatibility and best-in-class cost/performance to storage in automobiles.

PCIE SATA Controllers

The AEC-Q100 qualified Marvell® 88SE917x and 88SE9182 PCIe SATA controllers are ideal solutions for small embedded systems needing SATA connectivity as well as systems with special temperature or power requirements.
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Part Number #of PCIe Lanes SATA 6G Ports PATA Port A-temp
88SE9170 X1 2 No Yes
88SE9171 X1 1 No Yes
88SE9182 X2 2 No  Yes


Leveraging our proven SATA technology, the Marvell® 88SA8052 Parallel ATA (PATA) to Serial ATA (SATA) bridge can connect a SATA device to a PATA host or connect a PATA device to a SATA host. This AEC-Q100 qualified product has been invaluable in connecting cars utilizing an older generation computers without SATA ports to newer systems.  The device supports up to 3Gbs SATA and up to 150MB/s PATA, with full compliance to both standards.
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SATA Port Multiplier

The industry’s first 6 Gb/s SATA port multiplier, the AEC-Q100 qualified 88SM97xx series leverages Marvell’s leading SATA PHY technology to deliver excellent SATA device compatibility, signal integrity, and best-in-class cost/performance for SATA storage enclosures used in automotive. The 88SM97xx family supports one SATA 6Gb/s host port and up to five SATA 6Gb/s device ports with backward compatibility to 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s.
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