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  • June 13, 2024

    A Father's Day tribute: Dedicated dad cheers on his Olympic-bound twins

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    Annie and Kerry at Olympics

    Marvell principal hardware engineer Simon Xu regularly goes from circuits to the courts. In his time outside of the semiconductor company, he's a mentor to his twin daughters, Annie and Kerry.

    And not just any mentor. This July, the 24-year-old twins will be heading to the Paris Olympics to compete side-by-side in women’s doubles badminton. This is backyard badminton taken to a whole other level. “Badminton has the fastest flying objects in Olympic sports,” says Annie. “The bird can go more than 300 miles an hour over the net. For this level of play, you need extremely good body coordination, fast reflexes, lots of stamina and strong arms.”

  • May 31, 2024

    Cooking up Culture: Dishing on Dumplings!

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    The Asian population at Marvell is diverse and growing, bringing a rich mix of culture and heritage to our company. This May, we had the chance to celebrate their unique traditions and achievements during Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

    Marvell’s Lu Zhang and Bofan Ren, both in HR, showed off their cooking skills in a video demo, teaching colleague Rhaelen Passamani how to make dumplings. “Sharing your passion this way is a great way to promote culture and culture is a very important aspect of work – it helps people feel they belong. Plus, cooking is something that makes me feel relaxed,” says Lu.

    Bofan adds, “Making dumplings is a team effort. Someone makes the dough, someone makes the filling, and so on. It’s a great way for families and friends to chat and catch up.”

    Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at Marvell is all about highlighting our cultural diversity and strengthening our connections through shared experiences and stories. As we learn from each other, we make our workplace more inclusive and vibrant.

  • May 16, 2024

    Marvell Engineer in Italy Turns Game Show Contestant

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    Two trillion dollars. That’s the GDP of Italy. It’s the rough market capitalization of Amazon, of Alphabet and of Nvidia. And, according to analyst firm Dell’Oro, it’s the amount of AI infrastructure CAPEX expected to be invested by data center operators over the next five years. It’s an historically massive investment, which begs the question: Does the return on AI justify the cost?

    The answer is a resounding yes.

    AI is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. Beyond chatbots, search results, and process automation, companies are using AI to manage risk, engage customers, and speed time to market. New use cases are continuously emerging in manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, financial services, and more. We’re at the beginning of a generational inflection point that, according to McKinsey, has the potential to generate $4.4 trillion in annual economic value. 

    In that light, two trillion dollars makes sense. It will be financed through massive gains in productivity and efficiency.

    Our view at Marvell is that the AI opportunity before us is on par with that of the internet, the PC, and cloud computing. “We’re as well positioned as any company in technology to take advantage of this,” said chairman and CEO Matt Murphy at the recent Marvell Accelerated Infrastructure for the AI Era investor event in April 2024.

  • May 06, 2024

    Celebrating a Marvell milestone

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    Our employees at Marvell are telling us that we’re a “Great Place to Work”! For the second year in a row, Marvell has been certified as a Great Place to Work in the U.S. and has achieved first-time certification in both Vietnam and India. The distinctions are based on data sourced directly from employee surveys. We applied in India and Vietnam as our first two countries outside the U.S. given the size and growth in these two locations: 1,300+ employees in India and 300+ in Vietnam. Marvell has nearly 3,000 employees in the U.S.

    Certification marks a significant milestone for us as these Marvell regions are now eligible for ranking in the various Great Place to Work lists published throughout the year.

    Let's hear directly from some of our employees.

  • April 23, 2024

    What our employees are reading

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    World Book Day is observed every April 23rd to promote reading and literature, with global celebrations to recognize the great scope of books and the power of storytelling. At Marvell, we take the same pleasure in sharing what we’re reading and excited to show you what's on our bookshelves this year.

    April 23rd holds special significance in the literary world and marks the anniversary of the deaths of literary icons William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. In honor of this year’s theme “Read Your Way," we explore the diverse tastes of our employees: from science fiction to practical guides for success in the workplace to a book by one of our engineers. We even have our own #marvell book club Slack channel.

    READ ON to discover some of our favorite books and get inspired to embark on your own literary journey!

  • April 18, 2024

    Riding the Wave of Women Elevating their Careers through Mentors

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    In this post, discover how Marvell's innovative program is tapping into the buzz of mentoring in executive circles to help build a pipeline of future women leaders.

    When a successful person takes an interest in your career, it can be exciting. In fact, receiving guidance or mentoring is a huge factor in job satisfaction. 

    Marvell's ELEVATE program pairs women leaders with mentors who can help them ascend to another level in their careers – both on the job and in their own professional lives. It also contributes to filling the pipeline of future leaders at Marvell. Here are the stories from four of our leaders.

    Sonya Gary: AVP in Cloud Sales, mentee

    "I thought mentoring would make a difference because as you grow in your career, each step requires a different set of skills and a different perspective on the company’s success and your contribution to it."

    Sonya learned how to craft an elevator pitch to build her personal brand – defining who she is and what she wants to achieve. She learned to stay authentic to herself and remind herself why she’s doing what she’s doing. It’s that excitement that helps bring value to a role.

    “Most of the time people think that mentorships are only for those who are junior and just starting their careers, and that’s definitely not the case. I’ve had experiences both with mentors and mentees higher up in the org than me and also with peers. It’s a topic often discussed in the executive community now.”

  • April 11, 2024

    What Makes Marvell: One engineer’s journey from learnings to lessons in a book

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    At Marvell, we celebrate the extraordinary experiences and accomplishments of our employees. Meet Fariborz Barman, an engineer at Marvell with over four decades of experience in the semiconductor industry – one of those at Marvell. He’s dedicated to testing new products, sometimes 30 at a time. He came to Marvell through the Aquantia acquisition, but his journey began in 1984 at companies including National Semiconductor, Phillips, AMD and LSI Logic.

  • April 04, 2024

    One Marvell Engineer's Passion to Restore a '69 Jaguar and How Marvell is Shaping What's Under the Hood of Automotive

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager

    Just like its civilian counterparts, the government uses semiconductors to enable all critical systems. Moreso than its civilian counterparts, the government uses semiconductors for system which can expose those semiconductors to extreme conditions and in addition have highly stringent requirements for security. With lives, safety, and national security on the line, the government can’t afford for these chips to fail.  

    As demand for chips that meet government specs increases, so do the costs associated with developing these highly technical and specific chips, particularly as the government works to integrate rapidly developing applications, such as artificial intelligence (AI). 

    But here’s the problem: chips that meet the government’s stringent specifications cannot be developed in a day, so by the time they complete what can be a long development and testing process, they may be eclipsed by newer technology.

    So how can the government get the advanced chips they need and get them quickly enough to keep up with ever-changing technology? 

  • March 14, 2024

    How Marvell engineers are accelerating their careers through the power of education, mentoring and real-work experience

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Brand Content Manager, Marvell

    Welcome to the Technical Accelerator Program, or TAP, at Marvell India, that’s helping to put 200 of our engineers in India on a path to career advancement. The decisions on career paths and skill development often pose unique challenges for technical talent, who sometimes find themselves at a crossroads, choosing between management or a technical track.

    Through TAP, top technical performers receive both guidance and a roadmap to navigate these difficult decisions. They learn what to do to advance in their careers – what path to take, what skills to develop, what projects to undertake – and what networks to build within their organizations. The goals of those who participate are to become better technical experts, technical mentors themselves, and ultimately, leaders within their function. 

  • February 14, 2024

    What Makes Marvell – A “Labor of Love” as a Bonsai Tree Master

    By Mary Gorges, Content Manager, Talent Branding, Marvell

    At Marvell, navigating a dynamic work environment demands precision and attention to detail. Our team members often channel these same skills into their personal passions and hobbies as well. Meet Thomas Pfeffer, Marvell's EMEA Distribution Manager, whose passion lies in cultivating bonsai trees – a "labor of love" that intertwines both nature and art. Join us as we explore Thomas's unique journey and discover how these miniature marvels also bring a touch of serenity and accomplishment to his professional life.

    Thomas has up to 110 bonsai trees in his 750-square foot garden in northern Germany and goes to up to a dozen shows a year to share his passion. A cross between horticulture and art, bonsai trees may be tiny, but they have an immense impact on the masters who care for them. Says Thomas, “Over the last years, my attitude toward bonsai changed from a ‘beautiful little tree’ to an absolute balance to my professional life. It also goes beyond that. I now walk through nature differently than before and bonsai has even influenced the furnishings and design of my house and rooms.”

    Years of styling, wiring, watering, repotting, and pruning separate amateur bonsai trainers from masters, like Thomas. It took him 16 years to get certified to teach. He says about the training, “Teachers want to see your development and how your trees have developed over time. You have to learn a lot of styles – some that are not for beginners. And you must have patience.”

  • January 18, 2024

    What Makes Marvell - Anu Agrawal’s Unforgettable Journey in Antarctica

    By Mary Gorges, Content Manager, Talent Branding, Marvell

    At Marvell, we celebrate the extraordinary experiences of our employees on a regular basis.

    Recently, our own Anu Agrawal accomplished a remarkable feat by completing a half marathon in Antarctica. Once past the icy Drake Passage to travel there, Anu faced the most challenging running course of her life. Join us as we explore her awe-inspiring journey, highlighting the traits that drive her to conquer challenges and inspire others, both in and outside the workplace.

    Just to reach her destination, Anu’s ship needed to cross the notorious Drake Passage, an icy expanse situated at the foot of South America. Alongside her fellow travelers, she encountered towering waves measuring 25 feet and beyond. The journey itself was challenging, and by the time Anu was ready to run, she had gone almost two weeks without engaging in any exercise. This extended hiatus from training added an extra layer of difficulty as she prepared to tackle the race. 

    Once underway, Anu found herself navigating a course that was hilly, gravelly and muddy, making it the toughest course she and many of her 150 fellow runners had ever experienced. The challenging conditions prompted several participants to switch from the full marathon to the 13-mile half marathon. Despite the real risk of hypothermia in the frigid Antarctic environment, Anu and the other runners remained undeterred. They embraced the tradition of the “polar plunge” into icy waters.

  • January 11, 2024

    Embrace the spirit of service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    By Mari Escamilla, Engagement Manager, Marvell

    No matter where in the world you might be, the words “I have a dream” probably sound familiar to you. This powerful phrase, once said by American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., is also the title of a speech he presented to millions in 1963, in which he called for equality for Black Americans. Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he shared his vision of a free and just society, where people would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin.

    60 years since that historic moment, his legacy continues to resonate with people today. Desmond Manford, Sr. HR Business Partner at Marvell, shared his reflections with us as we discussed King’s meaningful impact on society.  

    Growing up in Ghana, Africa, Desmond knew about Martin Luther King, Jr, but learned more about the civil rights leader's impact, sacrifice and vision as he lived and studied in the U.S. “I realized while nothing is perfect, some of the benefits I received were a direct result of the civil rights movement. Just the ability to be able to go to college - going through college was truly amazing,” shared Desmond.

    As Desmond learned more, he felt inspired to do more – acting on his passion for volunteerism as a gesture of gratitude and honor for a leader and country that has done so much for him. Nestled in his community of Folsom, California is the Twin Lakes Food Bank, which provides food to those in need. Desmond is an active member of their leadership team, providing expertise in the field of people, performance, hiring, succession planning and other HR tasks. He invests his time in strengthening the organization by advocating for their mission, helping families access food, and searching for new ways to nurture the mental and physical health of those living in his community.

  • January 08, 2024

    Marvell India’s Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

    By Mary Gorges, Content Manager, Talent Branding, Marvell

    Country Manager Navin B. describes the unique engineering culture thriving within Marvell India as stemming from its ingrained diversity. “Marvell India thrives on a blend of backgrounds – diverse regions, ethnicities, skill levels, languages, and gender. And while all of Marvell India is geographically apart from corporate headquarters in California, this leads to even more nurturing of collaboration.”

    Navin notes, however, that nearly 25 percent of the world's fabless design engineers are in India, a key factor in having Marvell's large Design Center there. He adds, “When we talk to candidates about why Marvell India, we highlight first, that we’re enabling the silicon data infrastructure of the future, and secondly, that we are located in the middle of a tech hub which includes our customers and partners, and we take great pride in that.”

    Marvell's India Design Center spans four sites – in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, each unique in scale and character – yet collectively contributing to the richness of Marvell's diversity. The Bangalore site is the largest with over 1,000 employees.

  • December 20, 2023

    Innovation Inside Out at Marvell: Tapping into the Power of GenAI with Our Own Employees

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Recruitment Content Lead, Marvell

    Generative AI is inspiring the imagination of millions around the world with exciting new applications and uses. At Marvell, as we celebrate the yearly “Innovation Contest”, we challenged our employees to explore innovative ways GenAI can enhance our technologies for customers and streamline our own processes.

    The contest holds a special place within Marvell, as it sparks creativity, brings together cross-functional teams, reinforces our innovation-first mindset, and fosters an environment where every employee’s voice is not only heard but also valued. Our employees are excited about the work they’re doing because it’s work that is transforming the world.

    From every corner of the company, employees embraced the challenge of the contest. Just two rules applied: be relevant to Marvell’s business and embody the theme of GenAI innovation. Every idea – whether engineering or not – had the potential to come to life. This year, a record-breaking number of submissions poured in.

    The process started with all submissions categorized based on topics and content, then assigned to domain-specific committees of senior leaders from business units and company functions. The committees meticulously reviewed the submissions, evaluated them against common criteria, and selected their top few to advance to the next level of screening. They then presented their chosen submissions to a global group of experts in multiple domains from across the company, in a forum led by the company’s CTO. Using similar criteria, this expert group voted to choose our top five semi-finalists. 

  • November 27, 2023

    Marvell Earns “Fittest Firm” Title in Silicon Valley Turkey Trot for Eighth Consecutive Year

    By Sandy Rodriguez, Corporate Staff Professional, Philanthropy, Marvell

    Marvell is excited to be named “Fittest Firm” in the annual Silicon Valley Turkey Trot for the eighth consecutive year. Since 2016, Marvell has sponsored the Fittest Firm Competition and earned this title with the largest number of employee registrants in the largest firm category.

    The biggest Thanksgiving Day race in America, the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot draws thousands of runners, joggers, and walkers to join in healthy activities on the holiday while contributing to the less fortunate in our community. Marvell had a total of 894 employees participate in the Turkey Trot this year. Since its inception in 2005, the event has donated $11.2 million and collected over 250,000 pounds of food for several local charities.

  • November 06, 2023

    Honoring our Heroes on Veteran's Day

    By Mary Gorges, Content Manager, Talent Branding, Marvell

    At Marvell, we strive to create a culture of inclusion and belonging, where everyone feels welcomed, can share different perspectives, and work together to achieve a common goal. Veterans Day on Saturday, November 11 is an opportunity in the U.S. to honor the brave individuals who have selflessly served our country and to express our deep gratitude for their dedication and sacrifice.

    In recognition of Veterans Day, let’s hear from military veteran Joseph Goodearly, who’s been at Marvell for 18 years in our Storage business. He shares his perspective on what this day means for him and the military lessons he learned that have helped him in his post-military career.

    Join us in celebrating and honoring the contributions of our veterans and those currently serving in active duty around the world.

  • October 26, 2023

    Empowering Women at Marvell: Stories From Our First Inclusion Network

    By Mary Gorges, Talent Recruitment Content Lead, Marvell

    Women increasingly look beyond their own teams for advocacy and help to step into leadership roles and activities beyond their day-to-day jobs.

    Inclusion networks are a way for many companies to allow any employee to raise their hand and try on new roles. At Marvell, Women@Marvell is our first-ever inclusion network, or what many refer to as an Employee Resource Group (ERG). But why women first?

    “At Marvell, we are focused on elevating the lives and careers of women, not only in our company, but in the broader industry and the communities where we live and work. Women are largely under-represented in the semiconductor industry and are a hidden wealth of innovation and leadership. Launching our women’s inclusion network is just one small step toward helping women thrive,” noted Janice Hall, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer and Women@Marvell executive sponsor.

    Women@Marvell saw 500 women and men join in its first week. It offers mentoring, meaningful conversations, support and ideas to help members actively seek development opportunities. Leaders often share their influence and open doors, and members help each other find their way in more challenging times of their careers, such as becoming a first-time mother.

  • September 26, 2023

    Thriving at Marvell with Trust, Respect, and Integrity

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

    Employees have demonstrated remarkable resiliency over the past few years, adjusting to new ways of working during an unprecedented global crisis. It forever changed how employees think about their workplaces, careers, and personal lives, giving them new perspectives on what really matters.

    As a company, Marvell has also been evolving, tapping into employee experiences, and listening intently to their opinions on what makes Marvell a great place to work and how we can continuously improve. We were pleased to consistently hear appreciation for being able to experiment with cutting-edge technology, develop skills, and build products that help connect people all over the world.

    But another pattern took shape in their commentary as they emphasized the importance of teammates and leaders, uttering words like transparency, integrity, and respect. We believe these adjectives are no coincidence. They are interrelated characteristics Marvell has purposefully cultivated to help employees thrive.

  • August 29, 2023

    What it Means to Take Ownership: Shaping Careers and Innovation at Marvell

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell


    We take pride in creating cutting-edge technology, but what truly stands out about the employee experience at Marvell is that our people have the freedom to take on compelling challenges and find new ways forward while continuously advancing their expertise. The idea of ownership is central to who we are, and it is the cornerstone of how Marvell operates. Every day, our employees take ownership by improving execution, fueling collaboration, and shaping outcomes. They solve problems and ignite breakthroughs, proving that the impossible isn’t. And they own what’s next–for themselves and their teams, for Marvell, and for the customers and industries built on our innovation.

    Watch the video to hear from our team members around the world as they speak in their own words about what ownership means to them.

  • August 28, 2023

    Marvell Releases its Second Annual ESG Report 

    By Rebecca O'Neill, Global Head of ESG, Marvell

    I’m thrilled to announce that we published our second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report today. I’m proud to share the progress we have made across the company. ESG intersects with all parts of the business, so it really is a team effort. This past year, everyone stepped up to improve performance in their key areas and launch new initiatives that strengthen Marvell’s business and impact. 

    The report provides the latest updates toward meeting our goals during fiscal year 2023. For instance, we submitted a Science Based Target for external validation, carried out a climate scenario analysis, conducted a human rights impact assessment (ahead of schedule), and maintained an employee satisfaction score above the industry benchmark. 

  • August 24, 2023

    Advancing the Careers and Lives of Women

    By Janice Hall, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Marvell


    At Marvell, we are focused on elevating the lives and careers of women, not only in our company, but in the broader industry and the communities where we live and work. One way we do this is through the women’s inclusion network, Women@Marvell, where I am proud to be its executive sponsor. We recently held a special company-wide event that celebrated our women and highlighted the need for support from our advocates. At this event, we gathered the regional leaders of Women@Marvell for a panel discussion focused on some of the challenges that women still face as professionals in the semiconductor industry, and what we can do to help propel women forward. I was inspired to hear the personal stories and shared experiences from our women leaders around the world.

  • July 27, 2023

    Growing Together: How Marvell Fosters Early Career Learning and Mentorship

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell



    There's a certain energy new employees bring to the workplace. Everything about starting a job is fresh and exciting: colleagues, offices, policies. The pressure to perform and succeed in an unfamiliar environment can also be intense.  

    At Marvell, we're going all in on the potential of our early career talent. We believe their perspectives can help drive success from day one. This is why hands-on learning and mentorship are embraced at all levels of the organization. 

  • July 11, 2023

    There’s Only One Way to Design the Technology of Tomorrow…Together

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

    Thousands of team members from around the world all have a hand in designing innovative semiconductor technology that moves, stores, processes and secures the world’s data. What keeps this ever-evolving global organization grounded and in sync? It’s our people and how they uphold our core behaviors: act with integrity and treat everyone with respect; execute with thoroughness and rigor; innovate to solve customer needs; and help others achieve their objectives. These behaviors shape our belief that how we do things is just as important as what we do, and they guide all of our interactions – both with each other and with our partners and customers. To illustrate how these behaviors come to life, let’s hear from Marvell employees directly.



  • April 12, 2023

    Collaborative Culture is More Than a Buzzword at Marvell: Sameer Vaidya’s Story

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

    It's not uncommon for employees in the technology industry to switch companies often, in a bid to expand their skills, find new teams, and take on more interesting challenges. Sameer Vaidya, Director of Validation Engineering, was no different. He only planned to stay six months at Marvell before moving on to continue growing his career. But the company's collaborative culture and passion for innovation hooked him. This, along with the authority and support he received from Marvell’s leadership along the way, gave Sameer the confidence he needed to be successful. Two decades later, Sameer displays that same excitement when discussing his Marvell colleagues. "The people that I get to work with on a day-to-day basis, it really makes a difference," Sameer said.

    For Sameer, collaboration is more than a buzzword in a company values statement. It's an essential ingredient to bringing novel ideas to life. "Without this collaboration, if we can't execute, we can't be successful," he said.

  • March 14, 2023

    Advancing Opportunities for Women in Technology: Lyndsi Parker's Story

    By Liz Du, Director, Marvell

    The women of Marvell have always been a source of inspiration and innovation, but Women's History Month in March prompts us to shine the spotlight on what they mean to the company. This is especially important in engineering and technology where women are traditionally underrepresented.

    Marvell is trying to change that through Women@Marvell and the Tech Women mentoring program. These programs offer unique opportunities to learn skills, get guidance and support, find professional mentors, and advance in their careers.

    Lyndsi Parker, a Senior Director in Marvell's Central Engineering group, serves as mentor in the Tech Women program and connects with colleagues who share her passion for helping women succeed in the industry. According to Lyndsi, the organization allows women to bring their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and ideas out into the open. "We've been able to look specifically at what is the experience of women in our central engineering group," she said. "What do women experience, what do they see? Do they feel like they are heard? Are there improvements that we need to be making?"